Sunday, January 8, 2017

Why You Should Be Careful With An "I don't Care" Attitude

Be careful with I don't care attitude.

You've probably heard people say things like "I don't care what anybody thinks." "I don't give a damn" "I don't care anymore" and other words like that. The "I don't care" attitude is becoming quite popular and of course it comes with a good feeling.

This attitude can actually be helpful if it motivates you to keep trying where other people have failed or it helps you become a better and a much happier person. But sometimes, this attitude can arise out of pure stubbornness and laziness.

Many relationships among people have failed because of this. Some people don't care at all about another person but just themselves and their needs forgetting that their needs are dependent on the needs of other people.

It is important to actually care to know the truth and properly look into our consciences before we adopt an I don't care attitude towards anything. Are you adopting it because you are convinced you're on a right track or because you want to run away from your own responsibilities?

Some people have become accustomed to using the 'I don't care' attitude to mask their responsibilities and refuse to see the truth from other perspectives. This is when it becomes dangerous.

If you have this attitude because you simply want to escape from your responsibilities or because you're so selfish that you refuse to acknowledge the truth about yourself, then you need to rethink.

Sometimes, you should really care to see things from the angles that other people are seeing from. You should care about the people you love. You you care to know the full story about anything.

Be sure you're not stubborn and you're not the problem. Be sure that you're genuinely happy with your decision not to care. It's good not to care about what others think when they only say negative things in order to discourage you.

It is good not to care when they tell you to give up and stop trying. It's good not care about pleasing everybody or those who are not worth it. It's good not to care how many times you've failed and still believe that you can succeed.

There are many reasons that support the "I don't care" attitude, but be careful that stubbornness, closed mindedness, hatred and ignorance ain't part of these reasons.

Sometimes, you should care about some things. Other times, you should not care about certain things too. Just keep being a winner no matter which you choose to do.


  1. Pretty sure my gf shared this because I am stubborn, I am lazy, and I say that I don’t care quite a bit. I guess I’ll start using the “ I find this path to be undesirable” would that be better? Because I don’t care that the kids have their doors shut during the day, they need their privacy right? I don’t care because I feel that if someone wants something they should ask for it. Either with help “hey will you give me a hand?” “Can you do this/that?” People feel that when you’re in a relationship you should “care” about the same things. In my personal opinion I am passionate about some things, I care about stuff, I like doing certain things. But when it comes to you want to wipe the counters down but it’s my turn to empty/load the dishwasher, and there is one bowl on the counter. I’m not going to stop what I’m doing, wipe the counters down, move the bowl into the sink, I’ll get it when I’m damn good and ready to. This is also in the “I don’t care” realm.

  2. so just go and f* her ;)


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