Are You Just Waiting For Jobs?

waiting for a job?

Are you currently unemployed or jobless? Are you just waiting for a company or firm to employ you so you can start earning something? Well, here's news for you: Go out there and start doing any little thing you can do.

Things have changed. There are many graduates today continuously turned out from various universities who graduate with the hope of getting a job and have met with little success.

Many people are having the mindset of getting jobs forgetting that there is no more equilibrium between job creators and job seekers. More people are seeking available jobs than the people who are creating these jobs.

If you have the mindset of getting a job, ask yourself how the jobs you're looking for were created. They were created by people like you who chose to think out of the box and start up something big.

We need more thinkers. People who are ready to tackle and provide solutions to existing problems around the globe. There are many problems to be solved in this world and that means that there are many opportunities to solve them through start ups.

Stop waiting idly for a white collar job. Think.. Take out time to think! There must be something you can do, no matter how little. There must be a problem you can solve. You have a talent which you need to use and create something in this world.

Don't complain about capital. If you can think and proffer solutions to any existing human problem, the fund you need will definitely find you. You must not wait for loans. You can do little jobs and save up money to start up your idea.

Don't ever feel helpless, trapped or sorry for yourself. You need to always be thinking and taking action based on the results of your thought. I think the reason why unemployment is a big problem is that most people have become too lazy to think.

They want it easy. They want the job to be offered to them on a platter of gold, so that they can sit in an office from 9-5 and do little, while expecting a steady salary at the end of every month.

Time is important as I said in a previous post. Even if you intend to still find a job, use your waiting time to engage in something that can fetch you some money. You don't need to wait for job offers in an idle state.

Wake up every morning and ask yourself what you can do or what you can offer to the world today. Stop hoping for jobs. Start doing something. Whatever it is. As long as it has the capacity to solve a problem, it is a good start. Just do something and stop sitting around doing nothing.

You're only jobless because you want to be jobless. There is always something you can do. Humble yourself, think and act. You will surely make headway. Stay active and never call yourself jobless. Put this into practice and keep winning!


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