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The Active Ones Take It All

Hey, you! Yes.. you! Are you still delaying that wonderful idea you may have been nursing for a while now? Have you been hesitating on starting that business, journey, career, course, or work you have  to do? Have you identified a favorable opportunity, but you've not been able to utilize it because you're thinking too much about it? Then this article is for you. I want you to bear this at the back of your mind: "The active ones take it all." Life offers everything to the ones who are active. Life doesn't care about your intention or what you're thinking of doing. It cares about what you're doing! Let's say there are two people who intend to start a similar business, let's say it's a small restaurant. One of them has been nursing the idea for a long time and is very passionate about it. He keeps thinking and thinking of how to start up the business and get everything ready but has done nothing yet. The other one also nurses the idea

Enough Of The Questions

enough of the questions

For many years, man has been asking questions and will continue to ask questions. Questions will never end in this world because man's natural instinct and desire to know never runs out.

But some people have become so accustomed to asking questions that they live and spend the rest of their lives asking same questions. The truth is that some questions cannot be answered conclusively. We just have to pick an answer that suits us and move on.

You see people keep asking questions like "Does God exist?" "What is my life's purpose?" "What is the best career for me?" "What can I do?" and lots of other questions like that. Deep down within you, you know the answers to these questions.

You know exactly what you want in life! How can you even say you don't know and ask someone else? That person is not you. That person is not in the same body as you, does not have the same consciousness and has not passed through same experiences as you.

So why should you bother about asking someone else what your life purpose is or what you should be doing with your life? You know these answers. Think about it, whenever you ask these questions, don't you disagree with some answers you get and then nod your head at others?

What does it tell you? You know the answers already.  The only time we should ask questions is when we honestly don't know about something that CAN be verified scientifically. Questions about your life's purpose, religion, what you should do and purpose of existence can only be answered perfectly by you!

Let us stop wasting time arguing and debating answers to questions that can never be conclusively verified. In these sort of questions there are always different answers from different people. You simply choose an answer that you strongly feel is best for you and move on. Don't keep on asking!

It's high time we only ask questions that can help us contribute to making our lives better and making the world a better place. Questions that will help us to take positive actions rather than questions which the answers do not add anything to us.

So enough of the questions. Listen to your heart and take actions with a clean conscience. Make sure you are being perfectly honest with yourself, the answers are all there.

If you've been guilty of asking other people these questions about your life's purpose, what to do and when to do it. Better start limiting the way you ask them or else you'll end up doing nothing here.

Pick your answers, keep on living your life and do what you really love. So, all you need to do is get out there, do what you know you should be doing and stay happy always!


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