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5 Ways To Start A New Year

1. Thanksgiving It is very important to thank God; the giver of life for the gift of life and for every good thing that He sent your way in the outgoing year. Appreciation opens the door for more to come through. Be grateful for the good things that came your way the previous year and hope for better ones in the new year. 2. Review Your Year If you don't know the cause of a problem you can't solve it adequately. There is a great need to do a proper year review; highlighting where you missed it and analysing your actions and reactions. A lot of people don't take this seriously. You don't jump into the new year without taking an introspective look into your life the previous year. Remember, two steps forward, one step back. 3. Learn From The Past But Don't Live In It After reviewing the year, you will gain the understanding on how and where your actions were futile. You will know with certainty the things and people in your life that are not adding any p