One Reason To Always Be Grateful

be grateful

Dedicating this article to everyone out there who still finds a way to stay happy despite the challenging situations they find themselves.

No matter what you are going through in your life right now, there is always a reason to be happy and be grateful. Oftentimes, we tend forget this reason and focus only on what is going wrong in our lives.

This attitude doesn't help us. When you focus on only the wrong things, you tend to attract more of it. Your thinking puts you in an unhappy mood and when you are unhappy, you'd find out that every other thing will seem to annoy you.

Yes, sometimes we may feel overwhelmed by the challenges that come our way, but in those depressing times, let us always remember that one reason to always be happy and grateful.

Be grateful for your good health even if you don't have enough money right now. Be grateful that you are alive and still breathing even though problems seem to overwhelm you. Be grateful that you have people that care about you even though you feel you've not found your soul mate.

Gratefulness is an art we all must learn to master. We are too carried away with our challenges and problems that we forget this important and vital aspect of our lives. Gratefulness for what we got is vital for both physical and metal well being.

When we are grateful, we keep remembering why we should be happy and keep on staying happy no matter what we are facing. This is what keeps us active and motivated in anything we do. We become passionate because we are happy.

Take a look at someone who is unhappy and depressed. What is good about their disposition? The sadness keeps them in one place, doing nothing, getting angrier and wasting time. The importance of gratefulness cannot be overemphasized. It is self evident.

One reason to be grateful is always there. But the deal is learning to always remember it when things may not be going so well. Remembering it will help us tremendously than forgetting that reason.

Make it a point of duty to be grateful everyday. Just think of that reason to be grateful and be genuinely grateful for it. If you practice this culture, you will definitely be surprised at the way things will start working out just fine. The more grateful you are; the happier you become, the happier you become; the more active you are and the more active you are; the more results you get!

Be grateful and keep winning!


  1. Thanks Ifeanyi. Bookmark this blog to stay inspired and motivated.

  2. "for whoever has -gratitude- will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have -gratitude-, even what they have will be taken from them. Matthew 25:29.
    I know most people haven't looked at that verse from this perspective.
    Nigel, you got it. thumbs up

  3. Hi Zenas, I've not looked at that verse from the Bible through that perspective. Thanks for sharing this insightful comment. You're always welcome here.

  4. Thanksgiving is definitely a tool to be used against the devil anytime, any day.
    I was again inspired from this post. Be grateful for what you have, no matter how little because people are begging God for that so called "little thing" everyday just to survive.
    Gratitude is key.
    Thanks for sharing this Nikel!!!


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