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The Sun Keeps Shining

This afternoon after revising my lecture notes, I went outside my balcony and took out time to look at the sky. I observed the movement of the clouds and the sun, which was shining from a distance. The Sun was out there as always and kept on shining and giving out light to the day. I felt as if it was smiling at me because I couldn't remember the last time I cared

Don't Let It Define You

It's much easier to believe you're a failure when you've tried many things and failed. It's easy to lose hope when the circumstances surrounding you look hopeless. It's easy to think you're not good enough when you don't get the results you expect. Here's the thing you have to know: There is no easy way out of any challenge

A Lesson From 3 Idiots

I watched the indian movie '3 Idiots' a few years ago and I guess I didn't learn the real lesson hidden behind that movie. I probably watched it for fun and I was inspired to an extent. But it took a few more years to get the hidden message in it. For many years, I've lived my life doing as I'm told and following laid out patterns for me. I restricted myself from really being who I was and lived like a robot. I never followed my passions. I never did the things that I really needed to do to make other