Education Beyond The Certificate

education beyond certificates

How educated are you? When I ask this question, I don't mean you should tell me the number of certificates you have or the number of schools you've attended. I am asking you to enlighten me on how well you've have come to know certain things and mastered their applications.

In our world today, many people have been through the four walls of a university or school, but very few are really educated. Most of them just have the ability to memorize stuff and pass exams, but they really don't know how to apply what they learn.

It brings me to ask another question: What is the point of knowing something if you cannot apply it? How well does your knowledge show in the way you think, act and relate with people around you?

Most of the people who claim to be educated don't even know how to solve real life problems or carry out certain activities. All they have is the certificate. They can't build things, they can't fit into a new environment, they don't know how to date someone, they can't even hold a meaningful conversation. What's the point of the education?

Our education has to go beyond the four walls of a classroom. We must learn through study as well as through engaging real life experiences. Convention education simply focuses on learning via study ignoring the more important learning via practice.

We must be ready to try things on our own rather than simply depend on existing knowledge. We must face life and pass through it because there are a lot of things to still learn which are not best taught by the book.

Practice things, carry out experiments, do something you've not done before. Get outside your books and try to meet someone new. Go on dates and vacations, try to host a party. Learn and learn as much as you can practically for it balances whatever you think you've known from books.

Therefore, educate yourself in full by gaining experience and trying out things on your own. Practice and apply what you've read as well for this way, you will be an educated person beyond the certificate. Experience is actually the best teacher.


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