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Mindset Shift For The Year Into Abundance

Happy New Year Bold Winners! It's our best year yet! Earlier this month, I found a YouTube video by a content creator 'Crypto Casey' which contains valuable insights on the right kind of mindset to have for success and I felt the messageshe passed was too important for me not to share my insights on it. There are two kinds of mindsets she mentioned, the poverty and the abundance mindset. She spent some time describing them as summarized below. Although her advise focused on money, I think it applies other areas of our lives, like networking and relationships. The Poverty mindset is based on "fear" , people with this mindset fear they don't have enough money, will never have enough money and they are in constant fear of their current and future situations. These people are not necessarily poor. Rich and poor people alike can have this mindset at different times, it's more about how these people perceive their reality or interpret it, not really about the re