Nobody Really Cares Until You've Made It

No one cares until you make it

Guess what? The world doesn't want to know if you lost your mom or your dad at a young age. It doesn't care whether you were born in a poor or a rich background. It doesn't even want to know about the current problems and challenges which you presently face.

The world doesn't care about the country you were born in, your skin color or how your government is treating you. No one out there is interested in whether you had a bad childhood experience or not.

Whatever way you currently feel, whether sad, depressed, happy or anxious, the world doesn't care about it. Everyone you see around you has their own problems to deal with. You don't expect them to leave their own problems and start feeling sorry for you.

The world is not bothered about your complains or how many times you've tried and failed. Whatever plans or ideas you may have in your head, no one wants to know.

You know what the world really cares to know about you? It's your success story! The world wants to hear that despite the challenges that you faced and the difficult circumstances you found yourself, you still triumphed over them and made an impact!

The world only cares when you've made your mark on earth and distinguished yourself from the average person. Your results, accomplishments, inventions, creations, impact, medals,victories and your arts are all what the world wants to see.

You should stop sitting around looking for who to listen to your woes or complaints, but rather focus on making a meaningful contribution to this world and become a successful person.

No need to lament about your background, childhood, people around you, or any other thing because these are only excuses and no one cares to hear them. Rather, focus on developing and building yourself so that you can make a meaningful impact in this world.

Your contribution and what you can do is what the world cares about. Every other thing is like thrash to them. So stay focused and try to be a successful individual who made a meaningful impact because it's only when you've made it that the world cares!

Keep being a winner! 


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