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The Craze For Likes

Why the Craze For Likes? These likes are just there to tell you whether people like what you posted or not. It doesn't go beyond that. Whether you get 10 likes or 1000 likes on your picture. Likes are just likes. You don't have to judge yourself by number of likes. You don't have to to almost go naked on social media just to get "likes" when it's not your thing. For Christ's sake, what are likes? You don't have to pretend to support a particular group or ideology, just to get likes. Are you gonna die without it? Does it give you money? Weren't you surviving before social media took over? So why the heck are you crazed about getting likes? Social Media platform is for networking and "genuinely" expressing ourselves and who we really are. Always tailoring your posts to suit the public likes or sound politically correct is just plain stupid because we know that public approval does NOT ALWAYS mean that something is true

Be Good For No Reason

I think this world would be a lot better if we could all be good for  no reason. If we make it a point of duty to simply be good to other people and to our immediate environment. If we could form the habit of doing good without any expectation and being good  to our community for no reason, there  would be dramatic change. But the big question lies in the definition of being good. On what basis can we say for sure that the actions we intend to take is a good one? Is it culture? Is it morality? Is it the scriptures? For the  purpose of this blog post, being good here means showing love to others and helping them out when you can. It means being able to connect with the feelings of other people and help them solve any of their problems in any little way you can. Actions that can be classified as being good could be: buying food for someone without them asking, visiting the motherless babies and providing them with the gifts you can, giving to a beggar or a homeless person, vo