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Faith And Motivation

Hi Folks, hope you are fine? Hope everything is okay? If you're bothered about anything, feel free to share it through the comment session, you can do this anonymously, I will surely respond the best way I can. Last month has been pretty rough in Nigeria, the #EndSarz protests really created a very tense atmosphere, but thankfully everything is gradually settling back to normal.  I've really been very busy with a lot this year, and as a result I've not been writing as frequently as I should on this blog, but it's all for good and I pledge to write at moments when I am inspired just like this moment. The thing I want to share now relates deeply to mindset and belief systems. And even though I started this blog mostly writing about staying motivated and all, the truth is that if you don't have a deep rooted brief in God, the creator, it's really hard to just be self-motivated. The more you make yourself available to the Creator, you will find out that you will dev