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What It Means To Be The Change

So there's this insight I'm getting in my mind right now and I just wanted to share: . Some people think they can only change the world when they do the big things, like getting to some high govt positions, starting a global movement or inventing something that has never been seen before etc. . But they forget that with every action we take everyday of our lives we are actually changing the world for every one of us. No matter how little or insignificant you think that action is. . Some things as trivial as saying some comforting words to someone who's hurting, sharing opportunities that may be helpful to another person, smiling at someone and even just dropping a helpful comment to fix another person's problem are actually changing the world in many ways than we can imagine. . Look back at your own life and see how your present situation is a function of the input of everyone you've come across. From you parents advice to the books you've read, movi