Lookback: How to discover your Purpose in Life

 As at when I wrote this throwback post in 2016, my purpose was not very clear as it is right now, but I was able to have a strong sense of what it was when I was writing this following these things I had shared back then, I hope it gives you a strong sense of purpose as well. It is sad that in rapidly developing world like ours, few people actually know their purpose in this life whereas the majority of people do not. When few people know their purpose, they can only solve a tiny fraction of the various problems in our world, but imagine a world where most people know exactly their various purposes and contribute to solving problems with it. Our era has been bombarded with lots of information, belief systems, orthodox rules, etc which has made it more difficult and confusing for an average individual to actually discover his/her purpose. This article has been designed to help you find that purpose and be rest assured that after reading this article and following the directions therein

Throwback: That Little Fear

 Throwback article I had written 7 years ago. The article was written when I was one afraid of sharing something else in writing because it may not meet with the standard of the last one I wrote which was widely admired and shared by many. Point of it is that it does not matter really whether many people will enjoy what you create at all times. The important thing is to keep creating something. Something that can be beneficial to others. Not creating something just so it can be liked by everyone, but creating it because you believe it could be of value. Whether people eventually like it or do not like it, it does not matter as much as your commitment to keep creating! A few days after I wrote my most liked Facebook Post, I simply became afraid to write again. Ideas came, but I was reluctant to put them down. Why? Because I've been too conscious of not writing another article which will not be as good as that one. But then, If I stopped writing because I feared that I wouldn't m

Throwback: 8 Ways to Develop a Positive Mental Attitude

 Throwing back to an article originally written for Pickthebrain. I hope you enjoy it: This article here was originally posted by me as a guest post on the website . This article shows 8 ways you can develop a positive mental attitude in life. Here are eight ways to develop a strong mental attitude:  1. Love Yourself The Way You Are This seems so obvious but very difficult for most people to do. Most people hate themselves and their lives. They hate their looks, their jobs, their country and sometimes life itself. This attitude greatly affects their outlook on life and they see negativity in everything.  This is simply because they've not accepted their realities. You have to love yourself the way you are and accept whatever life has dealt you. Accepting yourself enables you to stop feeling sorry about yourself and take responsibility. Before you can love others genuinely, you must love yourself, your imperfections, your strong points and your life. 2. Never ev

Throwback: Have You Given Up Tommorow

 A throwback post: While I was playing a game of Billiards with some friends at a game center, I overheard someone complaining about how hopeless the situation in our country was. He was thoroughly convinced that nothing else could be done and there was no hope that things would ever be better. I was just positioning myself to hit the cue ball with my stick, but when I thought about what he said and the few people who were nodding in agreement with him, I stood up erect, strongly objected and let the guy understand that indeed there is still hope.  Yes, it's true that the situation in our country is tough, it's true that we have some corrupt leaders in power and it's damn true that life is harder for the average man, but the only thing that gives me hope is the power of human choice which can never be taken away no matter what. Positive transformations in various parts of our world have emerged from situations that looked very hopeless. These transformations couldn't ha

Lookback: The fear of what others may think

 A throwback post. A girl played a funny prank on me recently. When I gave her my phone, she downloaded her profile picture on Facebook, logged into my Whatsapp account and changed my own profile picture with hers without my knowledge. I didn't often log into my Whatsapp and the few times I did, I didn't bother to check my profile picture, so I was oblivious of what had transpired for some days. It was when I started getting messages like "Is that your wife? " "You're now married? " "Who's that girl?" etc that I came to realise that. Initially, It appeared to be something embarrassing and surprising at the same time. I started thinking about questions like "What will people think?" "How am I going to explain myself?" "How would people see this?" "What would they say about this?" And other questions like that. But then, I carefully watched my thoughts and looked at them critically. Why was I concerned

Look back: Focus On The Solution and Not the Problem

Throwback to an article from August with the main focus of getting people to focus on seeing the solution to their problem rather than the problem itself. I hope you enjoy it: I think the reason why the problems we face in our lives stick around for too long is that we focus too much on them instead of focusing on their solutions. If I want to solve a math question, I don't stay there lamenting about how large the question is or how difficult it looks or how lengthy the process to solve it entails. I only look at the question to understand it and pick out variables to work with, then I get to work. Once I've done that, I forget about the problem and simply start solving it. The only condition for the problem to be solved is that I start solving it. Every problem in this world has it's own unique variables and can be understood. If you look hard enough, you will see all of them. The only time we should spend on any of our problems is to properly understand it and pick out th

Throwback: Don't Sacrifice Your Happiness

  Today I will be sharing back an article written on August 24th 2016. The goal of the post is to raise the awareness that our individual happiness is just as important as other people's happiness. And if we are truly happy, we will be in the best position to make others happy. The idea of sacrificing one's happiness often does not end well. It is impossible to successfully make other people happy when you're unhappy yourself. It's important that we all understand the fact that our own happiness is very important. Most people would like to buy into the idea of sacrificing their own happiness so that other people will be happy. I think this idea is flawed because in sacrificing your own happiness, you end up unhappy while trying to make other people happy. Does it make sense to you? Why do we often forget that it's very possible to make other people happy while also being happy ourselves? Why do we have to sacrifice one to gain the other? Your own happiness really ma

Throwback: Be The Actor in Your Own Movie

  I am so fired up rereading this article I first wrote in August, 2016. I am very impressed by this article and it is a great one to throw back to on this day. I hope you get as fired up as I got after reading this to keep being the actor in your own movie! Here it is: This world is just like a big movie in reality. There are many different scenes of the movie playing out in different locations around the world. Only God can watch every part of this complex movie. Each individual only watches a unique part of the movie which can NEVER BE watched by any other person but the individual. Think about that for a second. Everything going on around you is watched by you uniquely! Even if someone had been going to the same places with you all your life, you both still do not see exactly the same thing because your positions in time and space will always differ. You're an actor in the movie you're watching which is your personal movie. It's your choice to play any role you want to

Throwback: Get Over it

  This article was written in August 2016 with the intention of reminding bold winners to learn to get over thoughts of worry about the difficulties we may face at various points in life.  Yes, I agree that it is not easy to get over certain things. But we must get over them and keep our minds focused on the vision of the life we want. This is the only way we can bounce back from a low point to a higher point of success. I hope you enjoy reading this throwback post: You studied very hard for a big examination and when the results came out, you got a "C", get over it! You ask a girl out on a date and she turns you down, get over it! There are a million other girls out there willing to go on a date with you. Your girlfriend or boyfriend just broke up with you for no reason, get over it. He/she may not be the right one for you. You post your picture on social media and few to no people liked it or commented on it, get over it! You can always upload better ones or even like them

Why thinking "No one Cares about you" is bullshit

  Pardon my use of the word "bullshit", but I believe that is the best word to describe those words "No one cares about me." And I am not saying it's bullshit to annoy those who use the words and seek for pity. By using the word bullshit, I refer to the words "No one cares about me" and not the person who may have said them. There are people in this world who are healthy, hearty and well but they allow their minds make them say that Nobody cares about them. While it is good to somehow want other people to care about you, the main responsibility for your care rests on your shoulders especially as an adult. When people allow themselves get distracted or depressed by thinking nobody cares about them, it just leads them to having the victim mentality and becoming increasingly useless to themselves and society. There are many people who care about you, some you may not even know about or must have met but they care about you. There are people who have peopl