Your Responsibility to Create

In the journey of life, the realization dawns upon us that everything we desire, everything we yearn for, lies within the realm of our own creation. Rather than passively waiting for life to deliver our wishes on a silver platter, it is our proactive efforts that shape our reality. This notion, while simple, holds profound truth: we are the architects of our destiny, tasked with the responsibility to breathe life into our dreams. Life favors the bold, the ones who dare to step beyond the confines of mere existence and venture into the realm of creation. Despite facing personal hurdles and societal constraints, those who embrace the mantle of creation find a way to carve their path forward. The key lies in recognizing that opportunities abound, even in the things we perceive as beyond our reach. It is our willingness to seize these opportunities that propels us towards the life we envision. The first step towards manifestation is acknowledging the existence of our desires, even if they

The Outstanding Power of Love

This week, as we celebrate Valentine's Day, a day synonymous with expressions of love and affection, we are reminded of the extraordinary power that love holds in our lives. It is a force that transcends boundaries, inspires courage, and fosters deep connections between individuals. In this article, we delve into the profound impact of love, exploring why it has the ability to move mountains and change lives. Love is more than just a fleeting emotion; it is a fundamental aspect of the human experience. From the bonds we share with family and friends to the romantic connections we cultivate with partners, love permeates every facet of our existence. It is the driving force behind acts of kindness, selflessness, and sacrifice, as individuals strive to express their affection and devotion to those they hold dear. At its core, love has the remarkable ability to inspire greatness within us. Whether it's the unwavering support of a loved one during challenging times or the encouragem

Discovering Your True Identity: Beyond Externals

So I stumbled upon a post online that inspired this article. In a thought-provoking speech by Tim Keller on the concept of identity, the profound question emerges: Where do you derive your sense of identity? You can watch the full clip here: Keller's words resonate deeply, highlighting the flawed nature of deriving identity from achievements or comparisons. He astutely observes that societal norms often dictate measuring worth based on outdoing others – whether in wealth, intelligence, or other attributes. However, he challenges this notion, emphasizing that true fulfillment stems from being esteemed and loved by someone we hold in high regard. The crux of Keller's argument lies in shifting the focus from external validation to an internal understanding of one's worth. Rather than seeking validation through societal constructs, he advocates for finding identity in the unwavering love and approval of a higher power – the "lord of the universe." This foundation, dev

You Are Never Alone: Breaking the Chains of Negative Thought Patterns

Is it not such an irony, if not one of the greatest ironies in the world, that in a world with about 7.8 billion humans, there are people who strongly believe that they are alone? As promised, I would write two articles this week, and I wasn't waiting for the motivation to come. Just before I started to write, this article title just came to my mind. I don't know why, but I decided to write on it anyway. A recent survey by Meta-Gallup shows that about 1 in 4 adults feel alone! That is a surprising statistic! 1 in 4 adults feeling alone isn't just a surprising statistic – it's a stark reminder of the loneliness epidemic weaving through our interconnected world. While factors like poverty, discrimination, and mental health play a significant role, it's crucial to acknowledge the diverse nuances of this experience. Loneliness manifests differently for each of us, and feeling disconnected doesn't define your worth. While healthcare, advocacy, and systemic solutions

The Article That Was Not Meant to Be Written

Interesting title, right? Well, yes, this article was not meant to be written. I made a commitment to try to write one article per week this year, and last week I missed one. So, I said this week I will have to write two: one to cover for the one I missed and another to keep up with the commitment. So, this particular article was not meant to be written today, and hence the title. :) As a matter of fact, I have nothing in mind to write about really. I was just inspired to start writing whatever comes to my mind as I write, just for the sake of making up for last week. It is kind of strange, you know, writing down things when you were not inspired to write anything. Last week was busy for me as well, but not so busy that I couldn't make out time to write just one article, like I am doing now. I think I was expecting that I needed to be inspired to write before I start writing something, but this article I am writing now is proof that although inspiration is important, you can still

Deeper Insights from the Story of David and Goliath

These days, I find immense inspiration in reading biblical stories. I'm not trying to come off as religious or saintly, but there's something deeply motivating and uplifting when I delve into the nuances of these narratives. I apologize in advance if you don't subscribe to any faith or if you hold the belief that the Bible is less than genuine. 😄 Before passing judgment, take a moment to read this article to the end, and then decide whether it was motivating or not. The story of David and Goliath is chronicled in the book of 1 Samuel 17. While many of us are familiar with the tale, it's worthwhile to provide a brief background for those who may not have heard it. The Philistines were gearing up for war against the Israelites, assembling their forces and preparing weapons. They had a formidable champion named Goliath, whose intimidating appearance was described vividly. To better grasp Goliath's size in modern terms, I asked ChatGPT for a comparison: "To provid

A Different Way to Look at the Prodigal Son's Story

In keeping up with my goal of updating just once a week, I am sharing some insights from the biblical story of the prodigal son. I had shared my insights with my contacts and got some really great feedback, and I felt it is worthwhile to share them here on this blog. The story is from the biblical passage of Luke 15:11-32. This was my initial post when I read about it at the time: "There's a huge difference between being obedient and recognition of who you are. You can be obedient all your life and still be ignorant of your position. I don't think we pay enough attention to the elder brother as we pay the prodigal son. It may be correct to say the older brother had a wrong mindset. But inside his mind, he's loyal and doing the right thing. He has probably been praying and hoping one day the father will kill a cow for him. He didn't realize that if he wanted it, it was already his. He basically didn't know himself yet. And it's when you don't know yourse

First Post of 2024

15 minutes to midnight on January 3, 2024. I told myself that if I didn't manage to put something on my blog today, I might be tempted to continue putting stuff off for the rest of the year. So, I decided I was going to write this article regardless of how short it may be. Last year was quite challenging for me. I had to learn how to navigate difficult situations by maintaining a strong state of mind (enhanced by faith) and knowing how to rely on trusted networks. I really wanted to write often on this blog, but I found myself slacking because I was under pressure from various sources and needed time to take good care of myself. I learned the hard way that many people don't really care. Most prioritize their own selfish interests and protect the ones they love dearly. They don't extend the same care to those they consider less dear. It taught me that, as a result, you have to be resolute and protect your interests and those of your loved ones most especially when faced with

Why You Must Not Give Up Easily

 There is a time to give up and there is time to be very resilient and refuse to give up. For the latter, the pursuit must be really worthwhile in the long term and one must be very passionate about that endeavor. You give up when something is obviously futile and the results are clearly unfavorable to you even when you keep trying.  It can be challenging to know when to give up on anything or when to keep trying but the quick test I use to find out is this: Does this really matter or mean something to me? Would achieving this clearly help my purpose and mission in life? Can I still live a fulfilled and meaningful life without getting this? If the answer to any of these questions is Yes, then it could be worthwhile for you to not give up on it and change your methods.  If we decide to not give up on anything, we must be willing to keep trying towards it. It's like a commitment you have made and you won't stop until you achieve that which you have decided upon.  You are not stop

Thoughts on Freewill and Predestination

During the years when I questioned everything relating to all of my beliefs and went into personal enquiry to find my own answers on various topics. There was one question that I asked myself which relates to religion. The question was this: "If God knows everything (past, present and future), then it would imply that he already knows where we would end up in eternity regardless of what we do on earth. Do we really have the freewill then to make our own choices as the scripture says?" One of the basic tenets of Christianity is that God knows everything. (Ps 139:2-4, Heb 4:13, 1 John 3:20). Another tenet is the gift of our freewill to choose right from wrong (Gal 5:13). So this question was one of those that questions that appeared to contradict different aspects of scripture. Thankfully I found an answer many years ago that was suitable for me. And before I share that answer I would like to share the reason why I remembered this question. A social media user had this question