Saturday, December 28, 2019

An Experience on a Keke Ride

It happened one afternoon that I was returning to my apartment and I usually take a tricycle popularly known as Keke straight down to my small street.

Normally Keke is supposed to take just 3 passengers at the back.. but as Nigerians, we know that there's an extra passenger seat in front making it 4. 😁

So three of us(a lady, a young guy and me) were already seated waiting for the last person. A well dressed man came around asked for where the Keke was headed, after getting a response he proceeded to sit close to the driver.

In this part of Lasgidi, Marwa drivers are particularly concerned about collecting their money first-hand before even starting the Keke because well, they're experienced enough to avoid "issues(akuko)" relating to change, disappearing passengers who intentionally refuse to pay etc.

So this driver started collecting money.. he collected from three of us at the back, and asked the young man seated in front for his money. The man opened his wallet and unfortunately couldn't find any naira note less than N1000 as he was supposed to pay just N50.

Trouble started as he tried to give the driver 1k apologizing that he thought he had some little cash on him and needed to move quickly.

When stuff like this happens, I think these drivers try to show that they have "power" at least over the person who gets to sit in their "plane". The driver arrogantly told the man to come down that he's not carrying o. The guy was still pleading that he had to go with us and would collect some change from a nearby shop when he alights.

As the drama was unfolding.. the guy sitting with us at the back told the driver to leave the man, that he will pay while handing the driver 50 bucks. The man looked at this guy in surprise and asked him "you paid for me?" At which the guy responded "yeah, don't worry." The man just smiled.

As the Keke moved, he pulled out his wallet again, took out a couple of 1000 naira notes and handed it over the the young guy. The young guy asked "for what?" The man just said, "Don't worry just take it and thank you."

It was like film. The young guy did not experrit, but well he collected the money and said thanks. While the man said "don't mention." 😆

It was instant reward for concern, care and saving other people from embarrassing situations when you are moved to.

It's not just about "possible" reward from people, God sees you too. You may or may not get rewarded or appreciated by people you want to help. It doesn't matter.. just keep on being a great person who is willing to help those in need when you can. There is always a reward from the physical or the spiritual end.

So make it a part of your resolutions to be more willing to help others come this new year.. A surprise from God or man might just be around the corner. Once again thanks to my writing buddy who motivated me to write this. ✌🏽

Friday, December 27, 2019

The Thing About Facebook and Social Media

The thing about Facebook and social media in general is that it has a way of making it look as if everything is fine with everybody and nobody is passing through any challenges.

People (like you and me) come to these social media platforms, post our "best" pictures and make it seem like everything is all rosy and sweet with us, but a lot of us are really sad on the inside.

So in other to escape this feeling of sadness or pain, we come online, we post our best pictures.. so that at least other people get the perception that our life is so great and awesome.. and then we're kinda satisfied that people "think" we are doing perfectly ok.

But who all these things epp finally? If you're going through anything that hurts you or causes you pain.. please don't feel under pressure to make other people think everything is fine with you.. don't allow social media to be an escape for your word either. These "likes" and "comments" will make you feel good temporarily, but they don't solve the problem, so don't get hooked on them.

Don't be drawn into the whole game of perception because it's not a competition. Address your problems by sitting down to think and plan towards how you can solve them.. and don't just keep pretending about it and getting some temporary high from social media.

These "highs" are actually good for your well-being, so you should post some "pepper-dem" pics once in a while if it makes you sleep well at night, but if it's becoming an addiction or a way to escape the practical solving of whatever challenges you may be passing through, then I think it's time you have a rethink about your social media use come 2020.

Try and link up with people who you can trust and who you can confide in if you're passing through anything at the moment.. Don't keep on pretending to be happy depending on these memes. True happiness comes from actually admitting and solving your problems, not escaping it.

I don't know who needs to read this before 2020.. but well.. it's outside my mind now. 😉

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