Live According To Your Means

Live according to your means

It's natural for you to want the best things in life and live life the way you want, but you must understand that everything starts small and progresses from there. A seed doesn't become a full tree in one day, it has to germinate, form a bud, grow as a shrub and emerge a tree.

Every stage in life has its own needs. A seed cannot bear fruit when it hasn't become a tree. As such, you should not try to live above the stage you are currently in your life if you really want to go far. You don't try to spend money like someone who is a multi billionaire when you're still working for your first million.

At every stage, there are many ways you can live comfortably without spending too much. Don't make the mistake of being stingy OR being afraid to spend money at all anyway. Your money must be spent, because that makes way for more money to come in, but you must spend it wisely while working towards your dreams.

I see many average people trying to dress and live life expensively like celebrities, top personnel in the government and multi billionaires. They use the little money they have and spend it trying to look and live life like these people then they end up with an empty pocket.

We must Learn to live according to our means. Learn to spend your money on things that are really necessary for you at your level. Ostentatious goods are not necessarily for you now until you have as much money to throw around them.

So for now spend your money on good decent clothes, not overtly expensive ones(except you're already there),  spend money on good diet necessary for you survival, spend money to acquire skills and develop yourself. Spend money travelling and gaining new experiences.

You should enjoy your money, no matter how little, never be afraid to spend it when you have to, but never spend on unnecessary things which are above your Means. This way, you will grow yourself and increase your earnings in the near future.

Always be smart and wise. There is no need to prove anything to anyone by the things you wear, have or buy. You should only prove one thing to yourself: "You can be better than you currently are." By all means, look good, smart and gorgeous. It doesn't cost much for the basics.

Living comfortably according to our earnings is not expensive. What is expensive is overspending and trying to live above our means.

Spend your money wisely, get only the things you need and keep developing yourself!

See you at the top!


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