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Review of Solve For Happy by Mo Gawdat

Should have written this months ago after I completed this book, but I guess I have been too busy with with practicing the golden lessons taken away from it. I recommend you read this book if you can as this book somehow appears to be a culmination of all the most inspiring books I have read on motivation, self awareness and consciousness. Mo Gawdat proposes a theory that "Happiness is greater than or equal to the perception of the events of your life minus your expectations of how life should be." If you look at it carefully and in mathematical sense, you will see that our perception is really what determines happiness the most as it has to either match our expectation or be greater than it for our happiness to have a reasonable score. Looking at it in another sense, it appears that we need to work on our expectations too. It does not mean we should encourage ourselves to have very low expectations or have no expectations at all.. but we need to watch our expectations and co