Don't Beg For Anything

don't beg
This article is dedicated to all the motivated people out there who are willing to put in the required effort and work to get whatever they desire.

You should never beg for anything. Whenever you beg for anything, you simply say that you don't deserve it and you're depending on someone's mercy to give it to you.

Begging is a loser's mentality. A loser is too dependent on other people's choices to get what he/she wants and that's why they usually don't have what they want. This is because the person or persons whom they beg can choose to waste time before giving to them or even not give them at all.

Beggars have no choice. And guess what? Choice is the best gift that man has to direct his life to what he wants. So when you beg, you throw away your power of choice. And when you throw it away, you have automatically lost because you are no more in control of anything.

This is why winners never beg. Winners deserve whatever they get because they were willing to go get it themselves. They refused to wait on anybody or anything and took their destinies into their hands. They honoured their power of choice and that is why they will always live in joy and happiness.

Whatever it is that you want in life, never make the mistake of begging for it. Do what you need to do and whatever you deserve will come to you in surprising ways. Most people have not yet understood that the reason they are not getting their desires is that they still beg for it.

Begging doesn't solve the problem. Yes, when you beg you may be given but consider also that you may not be given. The possibility of you reducing yourself to begging and not being given should scare you enough to decide never to beg.

Learn to deserve what you want. You deserve things by working hard and smart for them. Is it money? Stop begging anybody, go out there and do what you can to earn a living. Is it love? Love is everywhere around you. There are millions of people ready to love you beyond your imagination.. Stop begging one person who doesn't give a damn about you and allow yourself to go out and be loved by others.

I don't think we should spend any time begging. If ever you have to beg, let it be your last and only option, because begging is actually disgraceful to any human being with healthy self esteem.

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