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The Golden Key To Living a Successful Life: See your value!

God is good! Believe this! See the value in yourself as human. The value God has already put in you! Don't see the doubts and limitations in your heart which the devil may have put in you through bad childhood experiences or general life experience from people you trusted! Focus on seeing the value that God deposited in you from the beginning! Then you will always be free to be at your best. The biggest trick of the enemy through your own mind is to make you keep on remembering past experiences in the past that make you feel like you're worthless. The more you keep playing the tape in your mind, the more you fail to see the value that God gave to you for FREE!  The strategy behind the trick is to make you forget that you have value of any sort by making you focus on the bad stuff.  You should rather be focusing on the good stuff.. which God has given to you freely and which is independent of anything of your own effort. The value is there! Just believe it and focus on it and yo

On Pride

  Pride is one of the greatest drawbacks in the life of humans. It comes top on the list of the 7 deadly sins. It's so subtle and dangerous that it is often confused with self respect, love for self and even admiration for oneself. Pride makes you feel as though you are better than someone else by virtue of the things you have or what you have achieved. And that in itself subconsciously creates a need to expect better privileges than others because you feel you are more "special" than other people. Even the best of people often fall to this. There are ones who claim to be too spiritual to relate to other people. That too is often an unnoticeable form of pride. You know you have pride when you see other people as lesser than you are and that puts you in a position where you are very likely to become insensitive to them. Pride too can keep one from moving higher in life.. because God resists the proud and exalts the humble. Now there is something that must be pointed out. B