Why You Need To Start Now

start now

A friend of mine was telling about different things he had in mind and wanted to start. I asked him why he had not started them already and he couldn't give me any reason which I could consider solid. I had to advise him to start up these things in any little way he can and stop waiting to be ready. There is no time that is perfect or when anybody can be 100% ready.

The case of my friend may be the same case for you. You may have many ideas in your head of what you're meant to do, dreams, ideas, business plans, visions, plans and anything else. It feels good to talk about them and it is easier to think of these things and expect them to work out exactly the way think it would.

But the truth is that it is only when you get to action and start working on those ideas that you get to encounter challenges and experience things you never expected with these ideas. You may even fail and get to learn about something which you overlooked. It may not work out exactly as you planned. It may even take longer than expected.

There is no way for you to find out these things if your idea is just an idea and you've not tried it. This is why you have to start working on any ideas you have right now. Experience will teach you and enable you learn many new things.

It is better you encounter these challenges early and get the experience on time than delay it. If you don't start, you delay the experience you should have and if you delay these necessary experiences, you extend the time needed for you to succeed. You get the drill?

The longer you wait, the longer the time for you to succeed because success comes from application of correct principles that are gained through knowledge and experience.

What do you have in mind? Start a business? Ask a girl out? Learn how to swim? Study a course? Learn to drive? Learn to cook? Write a book? Invest in a business? Whatever positive that can improve your life and has the capacity to make an impact in the world, start it right away. Just start it!

You don't need to know everything about anything to start it. Don't worry about not having enough skills or experiences. Just start it and do what you can. The experiences you will gain after you start will teach you every other thing you need to know.

Our problem is that we focus too much on perfecting the idea, getting all possible information and waiting for the best time to start something that we actually miss the most important thing which is starting it!

Start in whatever little way you can. If you need money, you can start little by doing the small jobs you can do hoping to save up enough to start whatever you have in mind. There is always something you can do that will be a step towards starting your idea. Get out there and simply do it!


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