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Powerful Insights in May

I experienced a period of clearer vision in May 2021. I had reluctantly joined Immerse Inner Circle, a coaching program designed for men to help them become more purpose driven. I actually did not see the need, but something told me to go ahead and join.  I have been blown away ever since and much more inspired to even do much more than I am doing in my life. The key takeaways so far have been the following: 1. Resource Mobilization: This refers to your ability to find the resources you need to bring your vision to reality, knowing how to find it, who you partner with and who you need to get on your team. Seeing the vision does not always mean you will have to be the one to execute it!  As a visionary, you must master the art of building relationships with people and leverage that relationship to push your vision forward. Resource mobilization is what separates people who are successful from people who are extraordinarily successful. Building your support system is not God's job, i