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Know This About Expectations And Feeling Entitled

I was inspired to write this blog post by a series of tweets from a friend @tukobos and these are the tweets:  “I've learned something in life: If a person has a victim complex, you can NEVER talk that person out of that victim mentality. Only that person can. If a person has a saviour complex, you can NEVER talk that person out of that saviour mentality. Only that person can.” “This is why I don't throw in my two cents with such discussions anymore. Because nothing I say will have an effect. But then, I beg of thee reading this: YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM YOU ALSO ARE NOT A SAVIOUR” “This is to women and this is to men, of all shapes, forms, colour, race, ethnicity, identity, tribe. Go out everyday knowing that the life you want is only the life you can get for yourself. No handouts. No one is entitled to help you.” “Go out everyday knowing that the life you want others to have is only the life they can get for themselves. Handouts must not come from you. You're not entitled to

Why Wanting To Be Liked By Everyone Is Nonsense

  Hello Bold Winners! Pleased to share with you once again an interesting blog post that will stimulate your intellect. Today, I was inspired to write about "wanting to be liked by everyone". This is an important topic because I think that at some point or the other everyone of us is confronted with facing this ideology. Now, it's one thing to be liked by a lot of people and it's another thing to be liked by everyone. The former is possible, but the latter is something that currently looks impossible to accomplish which is why I'm of the opinion that one must not bother about it. A lot of people are worried about whether everyone likes them or not or what people think about them. While sometimes it's good to pay attention to what people think of you (as a guide to personal growth), it's useless to worry about everyone liking you. First of all, it's impossible to know if everyone likes you or not. To do this, you will have to ask everyone in the world w

Stay Focused!

I saw this video clip online and decided to share it here. I think it paints a picture of what we all need to get much closer to our goals. For me the lesson is to stay focused and keep making steps towards your goal no matter how little. Progress is progress and it all adds up. If you are naturally fast, be fast and steady! Don't speed and the spend excess time relaxing and waiting. You must keep moving. Life not does wait for anybody and those times when you decide to rest a little longer than you should or waste time a little more might be crucial to you eventually achieving your dreams. It is also critical that you do not waste time staring at different things rather than your mission. We live in a world where different things crave our time, focus and attention. We must train ourselves to master the art of focusing on the things we want.  I'll end with this quote from the noble Martin Luther King jnr who was instrumental in the fight for equality and freedom among races. I