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Must You Figure It Out?

 As humans, there's a tendency to want to figure it out all the time. We want to know exactly how things will turn out and this is what leads to worry sometimes What we must always remember is that sometimes when we've done what we can as humans, we need to let go of the idea of how exactly things will work out. When you've done all you can, trust that all will work out perfectly and relax. There's no point in making sure you figure it out in your head. Most times you see that a lot of things that have worked out for you, you never knew exactly how it would have happened. It just did as you were exploring your options. Therefore, why do you keep worrying when you have done your best? The reason for doing your best is not so that you'll be guaranteed of exactly how things will work. Doing your best should be a habit so you can take your mind from worrying or figuring it all out. You cannot figure everything out .. some things, you must rest easy and allow it to happe