No Time For Regrets

Don't waste time on regrets

A friend once told me that he regretted studying the course he studied in the university. He wished he had spent his time studying something better or more lucrative. "What do you gain by regretting about it?" I asked. He couldn't really answer the question.

Just like my friend, I've seen and have continued to see a lot of people spending so much time on regrets. You hear things like "I wish I had known this earlier" "I wish I hadn't made that choice." "I wish I waited a little longer" and other stuff like that.

Truly, we should feel some sadness in making some wrong choices or not knowing certain things, but rather than waste time regretting and lamenting over them, we should simply learn the lesson and move on quickly.

There is always a lesson to learn from any experience and it is very important we learn this lesson to avoid repeating the same mistake! But most people don't even see the lesson they are meant to learn because they spend so much time wishing they could undo what can never be undone.

The end result is that they fall for the same mistake over and over again because they don't pay attention to the lesson. Rather they spend time on regrets.

We all must understand that the past is past! The past should only remain where it belongs which is PAST! Spending your present useful hours regretting over the past is wasting the present time you should use in making better choices!

The only time we ever have is NOW. The clock keeps ticking and the present is always available to you to make better and well informed choices in your life. Why waste it?

The sadness we feel over our wrong choices should be a motivation for us to learn our lessons and make better choices rather than being a time killer which keeps dragging us back to the past.

Nothing should drag you behind and keep you from moving forward. Life is all about staying in motion and moving on. What would you gain by spending so much time regretting the past? The answer is NOTHING! You lose instead. You lose the lesson, your focus and the present moment.

The only thing you should keep in mind is the lesson from the past and not the past! The lesson is the only valuable thing we can take away from the past. Other things only waste our time.

Keep moving on, let the past go, apply the lessons in the present and you can take control of your future!

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