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Use Your Tool

Every one of us has been created with unique sets of tools in the form of talents. These tools are there for us to utilise them and become the best version of ourselves. The more you use your tools, the more tools you acquire. Take for example a child who has been enrolled in school. He starts doing very well, using his brain as a tool to understand his subjects and pass his exams in flying colors. This earns him extra tools in the form of results and certificates which he can use to access other greater possibilities. Or you can think about that child who wasn't privileged to complete his education. The child may be smart, but his parents were not able to continue catering for his fees. The child is forced to work with maybe his father or mother in business. There he learns about a passion for buying and selling. He picks that up as a tool and eventually turns out a big businessman and was finally able to complete his formal education. You may think of another child who

Why Commit Suicide?

I was inspired to write this article because of a friend who was contemplating suicide because she felt her Dad didn't love her. This was my response: " Damn.. (name), Please calm down. You can't kill yourself over anyone. It's not worth it. If your dad is really giving you some headache, distance yourself away from him and stop being too hard on yourself my dear.  Please, many people out there care about you and they really love you. I care about you too. Else, I won't bother typing this stuff.  Please, understand that many people love you and want you just the way you are. Moreover, you should love yourself above all else.  If your Dad is really as terrible as you think, don't try too hard to please him. Just keep your distance from him and still keep in touch with those who really care about you.  Because the truth is: It's his choice to care about you or not. It's his choice to love you or not. It's his choice to be nice to you o

Learn To Be Proud of Yourself

"I messed up in that exam today," "I'm not good enough," "I'm useless," "I can't achieve it," "They're better than me," "I'm a failure," "I'm not worth it," All these thoughts go round and round the minds of different people in different places across the globe every single day. It's not that these thoughts pay or that they are beneficial to anyone. It's just that many people have formed the habit of thinking that way and seeing themselves that way. That's why we have many unhappy people today, all those kinds of thought keep going on in their heads. But I want every one of you to think about this article I shared on my Facebook timeline and make changes to your thought process and lifestyle: ________ When last did you tell yourself that you were proud of yourself? When last did you say to yourself.. "I'm (Name) and I'm damn proud of myself." Ask yours

An Experience With The Pie

Today's Article was inspired by my personal experience when I wanted to buy a meat pie. I was really hungry and looking for some snack to devour when I decided to go for the pie. The seller was a young lady probably in her late twenties and I learnt the pies she sold were tasty. So I ordered for one pie and she quickly selected one of them from the pack, wrapped it quickly and handed it over to me, so I didn't really get to see the pie she selected. However on collecting the pie, I felt that it wasn't really a complete pie. It was way shorter than the other ones from where she had picked and some parts of it had already broken off. So she literally handed me half of what I paid for. There were two choices here: To accept the half pie and make payment just like that since she had already wrapped it up or to really demand for a pie that's worth the money I'm to pay. Of course, I preferred to make the best choice of getting full value for my money. So I pol