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Do You Love Yourself?

  I got back from mass today and the gospel of today kept ringing in my head. It was culled from Luke 10 and the v 27 was the particular one that kept repeating itself in my head; " your neighbor as you love yourself.."  I wondered, why did Jesus add " you love yourself" rather than just answer the scholar who questioned him with only "Love your neighbour."? Two thoughts came to mind, but one of them stood out so strongly. One of the ideas in my mind was you have to love yourself first, so that you can even know how to love your neighbour. And the second was that you have to love your neighbour the way you love yourself (this is assuming you love yourself o).  The second idea was dependent on the first because you cannot love others "the way you love yourself" if the way you love yourself does not even exist in the first place, so I will focus on the first idea here which is that you have to love yourself first. What does this even mea

Know Your History

  History is so important to pay attention to. The history of your own life, your parents, the life of people in generations and communities before you and general world history of where you come from. Ignorance of your history is a disaster because there are people who will never forget their own history and will use your ignorance of your history against you. I used to be of the school of thought that looking at history wasn't so important because it takes us back into the past into things that do not concern us, but growing up as an adult I know better and have come to see how our pasts continually shape our future whether you are ignorant of it or not. Therefore, it is of key importance for each and everyone of us to begin asking key questions about our history, so we can better know ourselves and why we are even here in the first place. Begin by asking key questions from people you know. We are too carried away by the quest for money and enjoyment that we have become oblivious