Nothing Is Perfect

nothing is perfect.

A lot of you expect things to be perfect. We have ideas in our heads about how the perfect life should be like, how the perfect partner should be, how the perfect opportunity should come, and lots of other ideas of perfection.

But while we are busy expecting things to be perfect, we usually forget to see/appreciate things the way they are and that's why these things often remain the same.

If you really want to change or transform anything, you have to understand it. If we continue to wait for the perfect things, we won't see what what we currently have and consequently we won't work to change them into the perfect ideals we wish for.

Waiting for perfect persons, things, opportunities or times is only an illusion. Nothing is perfect out there. The only way we can move towards the perfect ideal is to understand how things really are. Attaining perfection itself is not for this earth.

Understand your situation, understand that human being in front of you, understand the present opportunities and understand what you have to be doing. In understanding them, we will find that perfection does not exist and the only thing we can do is to keep improving what we have around us.

Just hoping for the perfect things makes us lazy. What would we be doing on earth if everything was perfect? The answer is 'nothing.' Imperfection is what makes life worth living. The constant attempts to improve ourselves, our relationships, our situations and positions are what keeps us going.

We can only but improve the imperfect things we've come to see in our world today and not stay idle while expecting things to be perfect.

If we really want to make impact in this life, we must accept the truth that perfection does not exist here and it is our best interest to enhance this world.

We should not be too hard on ourselves too. We are not perfect beings either. Rather we always strive to overcome our weaknesses and grow our strengths.

Respect other human beings and learn to sometimes tolerate their behaviours. They have their own weaknesses too.

Stop looking for the perfect job. Do the job you can do which is available to you while you are waiting. You may find what you're looking for through that 'imperfect' job.

Never be afraid to be seen as imperfect. So keep on trying your best in what you love to do without caring about who is laughing at you or not. Just keep practicing and you will improve.

Our life is all about improvement. And everyone is here to improve this world in one way or the other. You cannot improve a perfect system. Rather, you can only improve an imperfect one.

 So make your own contribution in the little way you can to improve it. If you're not contributing, you're not yet serving your purpose here. You must play a role in that as well.

Keep this in mind.


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