It Is In Your Hands

It is in your hands

It is in your hands to change your situation and whatever you are currently facing in your life. It is in your hands to make your desires and wishes come to pass. Most people have not come to accept this truth and that's why their lives remain the same.

If your relationship with someone is not going as you want it, it's in your hands to try to make it work or simply move on. There is no point blaming the other person, what matters is what you choose to do. Don't hurt yourself by trying too hard to stay in a relationship in which you know deep down that you are not comfortable with it.

It's in your hands to make money and get rich.. It doesn't depend on your background, available opportunities or how you look. Many people from a disadvantageous home have crawled out of there and changed their destinies. There is nothing to blame for being poor; not your government, your country, your parents or any other excuses. You are to blame.

It's in your hands to do what you love to do and live your life the way you want. Nobody is pointing a gun at you to do what you don't like. You always have a choice and it is in your best interest to choose what is advantageous to you.

Continuing with that crappy job you hate is a choice. The truth is that the world doesn't really care about whatever stories you want to tell or how you may feel. They cannot understand you as much as you understand yourself and your needs. You should learn to genuinely care about yourself. It's in your hands to make yourself happy.

If you're not happy with the kind of friends you have around you, it is in your hands to change them, move to another location and make new friends. You're not caged by anybody. Respect your freedom because it's in your hands.

The problem is not what is outside you. The problem is not your environment or how people behave. These things have always been there. The Real problem is in you. Accepting the fact that it is in your hands to make your life better and live purposefully is a step in the right direction.

Do not allow yourself to continue putting up with nonsense. If you don't like the way someone or something is, try to see if you can do something to improve them. If your efforts seem to be fruitless, then stay away from these things and move on with things that bring out the best in you.

Enough of the excuses. The way you look, the place you have been born, the kind of people around you, your situation and the rest of them are not the problem. The first step is to understand that it is in your hands to make your dreams come to pass.

You can decide to work in government if you're really passionate about improving governance. Then you can have the opportunity to make a change. You can never do that if you just keep on blaming them and seeing them as the problem.

In the same way, if you're not happy with anything or any situation life has put you in, there is always something you can do to make it better. Find that thing and do it without any reservations.

I don't care about any excuses or stories because I've come to understand that there are no excuses for living a crappy life or being a loser. There is always something you can do no matter your situation or predicament, all you need do is recognise the fact that it is in your hands and make the right decisions.

It is actually in your hands, so drop every excuse you have and go make your life a beautiful story!


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