If You Ever Felt Rejected, Read This!

deal with rejection

Have you ever felt rejected? Do you feel like your case is different or you're under a spell of being rejected by everything you've ever wanted? Then hang on, I got news for you.

You may have applied for a lot of jobs in various establishments, but none of them has offered you a job even after the countless tests and interviews. You may be looking for admission into a university, but you're rejected after every application.

You may sometimes feel rejected by someone you love. You try everything, but they don't just share the same feelings. There are many other events happenings in our lives that tend to make us feel rejected in a way or two.

The truth is that the feeling of rejection is a mental thing. We cannot be rejected in the real sense unless we reject our own selves on the inside. We are never really rejected unless we admit and believe that we are rejected.

The failed attempts at securing a job doesn't mean you're rejected. It doesn't mean that you don't just fit in or that something is wrong with you. It may be a call for you to become an entrepreneur. You could be the one to start up something big and the failures could be pointing you towards that.

It's definitely not rejection. Nothing is rejecting you. You only feel that way. So think differently and try to see things from a higher perspective.

Your unsuccessful attempts at securing an admission might be an opportunity for you to go acquire skills somewhere else or gain some important real life experiences. Don't feel like something is wrong with you because of that, learn something new, try out new things, discover what you're really passionate about and keep trying.

On love, no one really rejects you. Some people are not just compatible with you. And instead of feeling rejected because those people don't love you same way, simply be grateful that they didn't pretend about the way they feel about you. There are over 7,000,000,000 in the world. Not being loved by one person leaves you with about 6,999,999,999. So why go hide yourself in a cave, cry and feel terrible?

Lots of people are out there waiting and praying for someone like you in their lives. Why would you start feeling rejected or start thinking that something is wrong with you because of one person out of seven billion?

The feeling of rejection only exists in your mind. It is a mental thing. You feel that you are rejected and that's why you're rejected. You've come to accept rejection as a part of your being and it then appears as if everything rejects you.

Nothing rejects you. The possibilities in this world are endless. Opportunities are everywhere and you have to be thinking differently and out of the box to see them. So whatever is making you feel that your life is so terrible, you don't belong and you don't fit in; should be thrown out.

Know that you are unique, you are wanted and you are loved. Just open your eyes and you will see the beauty of everything even in the challenges you face. Don't lower your head in despair, keep your head up and take advantage of the opportunities all around you to brighten up your life.

Just keep shining and stay happy.

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