Sunday, July 23, 2017

Save Yourself!

Save Yourself

I saw a movie "The Martian" in which an astronaut was left behind by his crew members on Mars in space after an accident happened during a mission. His colleagues left him believing he was dead after an unexpected kinda storm hit them. He regained consciousness long after the other astronauts were headed back to earth.

Mark Watney, the guy left behind, was totally startled by what had befallen him. He was stuck on this lonely planet all by himself! Being dead would've been easier for Mark than the situation he had found himself. Of course he had to get his brains to really work if he was going to survive this ordeal.

He started with calculations, the amount of food, air(Oxygen) and water left on the space base was limited, and the time in which a next mission could be approved was unknown(it may not even happen). No communication to earth as communication masts were damaged during the accident. Really harsh reality poor Mark had to face.

No one knows Mark is alive. He had to find a way to reestablish communication with his guys on base and still keep himself alive until he successfully does that and however long it would take for them to come back for him. Of course no one could save Mark from this predicament. He either found a way to save himself or he dies.

Mark was able to hold on. He even started planting potatoes with his knowledge of botany in the space base. He was finally able to reestablish communication with a very old communication system which he intelligently repaired and operated.

He had a few bad days and all that. He grew lean and was dying at some point, but long story short, Mark Watney survived 2 years of loneliness on Mars before a rescue mission backed by NASA was able to get him back to earth safely.

Look, if you're still waiting for something to come and save you from a particular situation or challenges you've been facing rather than find a way to save yourself, you're really wasting valuable time.

Whatever problem you're facing which is holding you back, find a way to save yourself from it rather than wait and hope on anybody to save you from it.

There is a very good reason why we all face our unique and peculiar difficulties. These difficulties though they may seem negative always brings out the very best in us and increases our knowledge once we are able to successfully pull through it.

Therefore, it is important we learn to save ourselves from our problems by consciously doing something about it. Other people are facing their own problems as well, they have much to deal with in their own lives and they hardly have time to start attempting to come and save you.

We save ourselves by approaching our challenges intelligently, changing our patterns of thought about it and doing what we can. There is always something you can do about your situation, no matter how vague or insignificant.

No saviour is coming to save you. You must seriously and relentlessly try to save yourself. It might be easy, it might not be easy. You might be able to save yourself pretty soon,  you may not be anytime soon, but either ways, you are on the right track once you're always trying.

Keep winning! 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Don't Be Too Dependent

Don't Be too dependent

The more dependent we become, the more we lose control. Years back, most of the automatic systems we use today were mainly manual.

Gradually, the manual systems phased out and the automatic systems took over. What do you think happened to those who were too dependent on manual means rather than try to gain knowledge and experience in using the new automatic ones?

Well, most of them lost their jobs and the few of them still in the system are on the verge of losing their jobs in the coming years.

What happens when you depend too much on a friend or a loved one? Well, they will be willing to accommodate and help you for quite some time, but once you're not showing any signs of being independent yourself or contributing significantly to their own lives, guess what? They begin to disdain you.

What happens when you choose to hang on for too long to an old method of producing something, whereas there are newer methods which could lead to a higher productivity for you? You become outwitted by competitors who are willing to use the best means available to beat you.

What happens in a relationship when one partner is too dependent on the other and doesn't seek to also contribute to the success of the relationship? Of course, it soon breaks up.

I can go on and on to cite examples than buttress the fact that too much dependence on one thing often turns out negative.

If you really love and respect yourself, you should never depend too much on anyone or anything. It's true that sometimes, you just have to depend, but even if that's all you can do at the moment, always strive to be independent or interdependent.

When you find yourself in a situation where you have to stay dependent on anyone or anything, keep it burning at the back of your mind that you must hustle to keep your options open and break into that phase where you are capable of handling any sudden unexpected changes.

Keep your mind on new and emerging trends. Keep an eye on opportunities and changing times. You will find them and you will be able to know what's phasing out and what you need to take up.

Don't stay too dependent.. Strive to be in a situation where you can be independent or interdependent(which is best).

Keep winning! 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Inspiring Quotes for the Day

Don't be fake

Meditate on these beautiful quotes and Keep Winning! Life is beautiful with understanding and love.

Monday, July 17, 2017

In All You Do, Don't Be Fake!


Meet Miss.X on social media, she looks pretty, charming and larger than life. But meeting her in real life, she's far from what she portrays herself as. She's been editing most of her pictures just to look good online. Someone might have been genuinely interested in her if she wasn't afraid of showing herself the way she is online. But when they meet her in real life, they are disappointed that it's all fake.

Meet Mr. Y, he portrays himself online as a Big businessman into foreign merchandise while he is actually still actively looking for jobs. He barely manages to feed himself from his daily wages as a laborer. Some people may have viewed his profile and might have wanted to help him.. But well he is assumed to be comfortable and he loses his chances.

You're working for a boss who treats you like crap, has no respect for you and gives no damn about your welfare. Deep down, you're unhappy with his attitude and you resent his methods. But instead of letting him know how you really feel about him, you keep pretending that you're fine and okay. You choose to be fake because you're afraid of his reaction or even to lose your job. In the end he keeps treating you like dirt.

You're really pissed off about something, it makes you angry and it's something that you really detest. You get an opportunity to do or say something about it, but no.. You'll rather hide your feelings and pretend that it's okay. You don't want people to talk, but deep down you're disturbed and you're urged on to do something about it. But you suppress it and choose to be fake.

You're in a really happy mood and you feel like dancing. But you're considering what that may mean to other people and you suppress the expression of your happiness. Who's losing? It's you.

In this life, there is a reason why we are strongly moved to do anything. This urge comes from deep within us and it yearns for expression because it is a creative force. However, often times because of fears that we have, we suppress it and thereby deny the world of the creation and birth of something new.

Being authentic can open the doors to many beautiful things in our lives. We can connect with the right persons, we can become linked to tremendous and life changing opportunities, we can improve our relationships and let others know their areas of improvement. We can shape our political, religious and educational systems to become better.

These great changes are possible only when we drop all falsity and strive to always be real. Our suppression of our authentic self is the reason we are still bedevilled by many problems till today.

By the way, we all love authentic and original things, don't we? Who wants something fake??

Be real today, not fake.

Keep Winning!

After Reading This, Your Brain Will Not Remain The Same

I just came across this video on YouTube and I really think it has a wonderful content to be shared here on the bold winner's blog.

Dr. Lara Boyd, a researcher in neuroscience and neurobiology who established the Brain Behavior Lab had some very interesting facts to share with us about the human brain.

Contrary to what we thought, the brain doesn't stop changing or developing at a certain age. The brain constantly changes it's shape, chemical processes and patterns regularly.

And these changes are determined mainly by our individual behaviors. If we choose to change our brains, we must change our actions, what we do, where we go to, what we listen to, what we see around us.

There is no quick fix or drug to enhance neuroplasticity(the ability of your brain to reorganize itself and form new neural connections) than to change your behavior.

An interesting fact is that there is a degree of variability playing a great role in her research. The rates of neuroplasticity varies in individuals and what works for one may not work for another.

For some people, they could master anything skill in less than 10,000 hours and for others, it could take longer than that contrary to popular belief.

It is interesting to note that the overlapping discovery which can be generalized is that our behavior is the major and lasting way to change our brains!

You want a better brain? Choose to behave better. Try to do something new. Consciously decide to get more knowledgeable about anything. Meet new people, try new methods, change your environment.

These new actions help you absorb new facts which go on shaping your brain. Find out what's unique about you. Find your niche. With this discovery, we know that what works for one person's brain, may not work for another person.

Find what works for you, find the pattern that suits you most for learning and change your behaviour as required to put your brain to best use!

Watch the video and share your thoughts..

Keep winning!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Good Kind Of Selfishness

If we are all to tell ourselves the truth, we are all selfish beings. You may tend to disagree only because you've associated selfishness to connote something negative. But selfishness has positive sides to it.

We all have our own personal wants and desires.. We may want to go to heaven, come first in a competition; become richer, prettier or more knowledgeable than someone else. We may want to fall in love with a particular person rather than another etc.

All these are selfish interests and no matter how we want to deny that fact, it still stares us in the face that for every action we take, we do it for a purpose.

However, the actions we take to achieve our selfish interests is what determines if the selfishness involved is a good kind or a bad kind. When we use negative means to achieve our desires, the selfishness is a negative one.

When we use positive means acceptable to our conscience and fellow human beings to actualize our selfish interests, the selfishness is a good one.

Let us still be loving, kind and good people even as we intend to achieve our selfish interests. You don't have to hurt anyone, be wicked or heartless in pursuit of your desires. Because employing such means not only hurts other people, but hurts you as well in the long run when those you hurt will hurt you back as well.

Think about it.

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Golden Rule

The golden rule

When you say "love your neighbor as you love yourself", you are correct.. but you should consider this too:

It is difficult for people who haven't experienced love to love another person like themselves. Some people grew up being abused.. some grew up in broken homes.. others grew up seeing everyone as their enemies.

Some of them experienced wickedness and rejection from people around them while growing up. So, they tend to see everyone else as people who don't care.

Do you think it's easy for such people to understand the golden rule? They have grown to love only themselves and never care about the plight of anybody else because nobody cared for them too.

You can't blame these people or hate them for being that way. It's the environment of hate which they have experienced that made them that way.

Your duty is to love such persons and try to let them know that contrary to what they have subconsciously come to believe, you really care about them and God always cares about them.

The love you show to people around you has unending implications.. love is the only antidote to hate.

Show love to someone today. Genuinely care about someone else's problem today. Take out some time to put a smile on another person's face and let them know that even if the whole world doesn't care about them, you actually do.

Don't hate anybody for being wicked or negative, it's not usually their fault.. it is their conditioning.. Help them break out of a poisonous mentality.. with love.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Topping Up!

topping up

Every single day, you need to top up in various areas of your life to stay progressive and successful.

You need to to up your consciousness and awareness. You need to keep being conscious of what keeps you in a positive state of mind. You need to remain aware and even gain more awareness about what you need to improve on.

You need to top up your motivation. You need to motivate yourself for the best each day. One day off is one day closer to a low motivation.

You need to top up your exercise routines and keep on putting your body and mind in good shape.

You have to top up your spiritual practices to keep you conscious of your God and make you keep away from unhealthy practices.

Topping up is our goal. We must continually top up because there is no point of relaxation. There is no limit. There is no final apex at which we can say "Yes, we have arrived."

The period you stop servicing your vehicle and topping up gasoline and engine oil when due is just when your car will begin to breakdown, malfunction and start developing unforeseen problems.

Likewise, the day you stop praying or meditating.. is the day you start falling into temptation. You must top up your prayers and motivation.

The day you stop being conscious of the dangers involved in certain unhealthy practices like smoking, pornography, drug addiction and etcetera is the day the temptation to engage in them increases.

Topping up works both ways. The more you do something negative, you top it up negatively and you're more likely to do it next time.

For example, someone who is addicted to alcohol tops up negatively anytime he/she decides to drink again.

It's either you're topping up right or you're topping up the wrong way. There is no in between.. because NOT topping up IS topping wrongly. Most people wrongly believe there is a 'middle' where you do neither.

But here's the thing: Topping up wrongly ALSO includes not topping up at all. This is because something must be introduced to overcome 'wrong' and that thing must be continually introduced to keep the light burning..

That something.. say "gas" is topping right.. when you do nothing.. You're topping wrongly because you are losing gas without replacing it. When you do wrong, you intentionally take some gas out yourself.

Not doing anything is more dangerous, because the truth is that you are not even aware that you are topping negatively by letting your gas burn out without adding to it.

Topping up right in every aspect of your life is your gas! Not topping up correctly or staying the same is reducing your gas either way.

The goal is to keep that gas available always by being consistent in taking positive actions that help you stay positive.

If you have to reread that part of your holy book to stay conscious of something, please do.

If you must read new books to motivate or inspire you in your field of work, spirituality or lifestyle, please do.

If you must hang out with certain friends to keep you conscious of your visions and have fun, please do.

If you must hit the gym every Friday, don't miss it.

If you must call your loved ones at regular intervals  to remind them of how much you love them, don't forget to do so.

If you have to check online for fresh and vital information to help you gain fresh knowledge in any field, please do!

Keep topping up your gas in any way you can. The sky ain't even a limit.

Keep winning!

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