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Waiting for The Right Time Could Be Bullshit

  There are a lot of people who claim to be waiting for the right time to take certain decisions. Maybe they want to start a business, further their education, get married, quit their jobs, have children contest for a political position and etcetera. There are many things they want to do, but they keep putting it off in the name of waiting for the right time. Now, even while I understand that sometimes we have to wait for the most opportune moment to do certain stuff, I feel that this waiting in most cases is as a result of fear and a lack of preparation. Many people fear the unknown and things that are not even real. And this fear is what keeps them from making progress in their lives. Waiting for the right time could be an excuse for us to keep lazing about and wasting our time. You ask a few people about why they haven’t attempted to do what their spirit tells them to do and they simply tell you that they are waiting for the right time or even God’s time. Most times you find o

Look Beyond The Self

  Look Beyond the Self! You hear a lot of people these days say it’s a selfish world out there. But if you look deeper at the same people who say, you’ll find out that many of them are also selfish. Selfishness is a very common thing to see in our daily lives and well it’s not necessarily such a bad thing as it is often painted. There are times when a human may need to be selfish, if you had only one vaccine and you had to choose to save your own life, your partner’s life, the life of our loving parent or the life of a total stranger, who would you save? The answer to this question regardless of your choice only highlights that there are situations that kicks in our selfish side. Even with this realization, I do not believe we should be selfish all the time which has prompted me to write something on the subject “Look beyond the self”. You see while there are times when it makes sense to be selfish, there are also more times when we need to think beyond ourselves. And those times h

Thoughts on Giving and Taking

  Hello Bold Winner, Welcome to the new month of February. I hope you are doing great, keeping safe and not allowing a lot of things distract your focused mind? This is the first article of the month and I hope you enjoy the read. Cheers and never stop winning big in every sphere of your life! In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for people to give you something without expecting something from you in return either in Cash or in kind. Many people give today expecting some favors from the people they have given to. This is not to say that there aren’t people who give without expectation, but from my experience, I think people like this are fewer in number than the ones who give with strings attached. It's best to give without expectations though because it frees you and others from unnecessary expectations, but it is not usually the case with a lot of us. Based on this, it would be safer to assume that expectations are behind things you are given than not. Which brings us to the