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Why You Feel The Emptiness

Dear Winners, I'm getting a lot inspired these days to write. And the idea to write on this topic came into my head two days ago while I was watching a documentary about Kid Cudi.  He in an American rapper best known for his different style in hip hop music. His music which were often about his childhood struggles related to mental health connected with a lot of people. He sorta created this space where artists began to really express their thoughts and emotions rather than the usual style of promoting gangsterism, flaunting their wealth through music and all. This earned him a lot of fans globally. He won two Grammy awards and has sold about 22 million records globally, he was successful by all standards. But in 2016, in a Facebook post he opened up about how he really felt. This was where he openly expressed to the world about how his anxiety and depression has ruled his life for as long as he could remember. You can read his post here. He got a lot of support, chec

Things You Must Avoid if You Do Not Want to Be Miserable

  Hello bold winners, This video from YouTube was shared by a friend online and the video really has a sarcastic way of making you really sit up. I felt it was a video worth sharing here. The only comments I have to make on it are just two:  1) Being suspicious can be a good thing in certain circumstances, but it doesn't have to make you unwilling to give people a chance to prove themselves or give you reasons to trust them. 2) Seeing yourself as special I think is a good thing for your self esteem as long as you understand that others are special in their own way too and it doesn't make you too full of yourself to look down on others. But asides from these two arguments which I have about 2 points mentioned in the video, I completely agree with every other thing mentioned. I will also add that trying to build a relationship with God, the creator who knows you better than you know yourself will make positively transforming your life based on the points of this video a

Why I Choose to Be Realistically Optimistic

  Since my teenage years, I've always been particular about being inspired and motivated. I've always been inclined to reading books, watching movies, listening to songs that push me towards doing something great. Doing these things made me believe in myself and become very optimistic about my future. I always expected the very best and always put in my best in the situations I found myself. This mental disposition really helped me pull through a lot of rough times in my life. In general I adopted a more optimistic view about my life and even when things appeared to be going south, this view kept me focused, happy and motivated against all odds.  At a point I was getting quite addicted to the resources and once thought of becoming a motivational speaker. But what I quickly found out was that no one was willing to listen to a motivational speaker who hadn't accomplished something hooge (that's a funny way to say HUGE 😂) with his life.. so that thought was quickly replac