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A September to Remember

  September, the 9th month of the year. It takes 9 months for a pregnant woman to deliver a baby. September will deliver a truckload of amazing stuff for you. Look, I don't know your challenges or what may be bothering your mind.. but there is something I am convinced of.. and I learnt this from my personal experiences.. Here it is: When you've tried everything you can, when everything has failed, maybe you've tried family, friends, connections, everything you thought help could come from and they all fail.. Remember that there is one supreme source that never fails.. the source where this earth comes from, the source that created us and gave us a mind and a body to experience this existence. That source is God. Everything else may sometimes fail us for a very good reason: for us to realize that nothing is really permanent. The only permanence in this world is that which has been existing from the beginning, never changes and will exist forever which is God the giver of lif