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Do Not Tolerate Abuse

Abuse of any form should not be tolerated. When you tolerate abuse, you hurt yourself and drown your creativity. No one has the right to make you feel so miserable and depressed. Some people just find it fun making others feel bad. You should avoid such people as much as possible for your own happiness. For some people, they feel they have the right to treat you like shit simply because they provide for you and shelter you. Despite the fact that these people are helping you, it still doesn't give them any right whatsoever to treat you like shit. You don't have to tolerate abuse because someone is providing for you or claims to love you. If you find out that a benefactor is abusive, simply move away and strive to get things for yourself no matter what pains it will take. It's better to suffer and have peace of mind than take things from someone who treats you like a damned rag. If someone loves you, they have no right to be abusive or to beat you up unnecessar