Why Givers Never Lack

Why givers never lack

Do you feel like you lack anything? Love, attention, money, friends, happiness or anything at all? Does it seem that other people have these things easy while you don't seem to attract them?

Then you need to think again about your life and consider the art of giving to others. It might just be what is keeping you from getting those things. You know the saying that what goes around comes around? It's one of the most honest axioms.

What you give has a way of coming back around. I don't know what you will call it or the explanation you may give to it, but I've understood that the actions you take has an effect on your life and the universe.

People who give never lack. Whenever you give something, you're saying that you're not afraid of losing it and you will always have it sufficiently. Giving out something simply acknowledges that you already HAVE it. Because you cannot give what you don't have.

Therefore if you think you lack anything, try and give it out. When you give it, you subconsciously change your belief in "LACKING" to a Faith that you actually HAVE that thing and can give it out.

It is this faith that pushes you to actually have what you think you lack. You should try to activate this faith by giving out something. Stop complaining that you don't have anything because the more you keep thinking or saying that you don't have anything, the less likely you are to have it.

Whatever you believe seriously affects and determines what you experience. So whatever you lack may be as a result of a limiting belief you have about it. It is usually a mental issue. You change that belief by trying to give out that same thing to other people.

Do you lack friends? Go and there and be a friend to someone. Do you lack so much money? Help someone out there with the little amount that you can. Do you feel unloved and uncared for? Try genuinely loving and caring for other people.

Anything you feel like you're lacking, try and help someone else get that thing. You may be surprised at how easily your situation would change. Lack of anything is usually dependent on your beliefs about that thing.

Change it by giving. Because givers are always saying that they are not afraid of lack through the process of giving.

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