The game is the game!

 In life a lot of games are played. People play games in their career, their relationships, families and etcetera. 

It's like an actual video game where you play to win and you take power ups go get ahead and you keep moving towards your objective. Only difference is that we have a time limit in our own game and we live one time on Earth. 

So the game of Life is the most serious game you can ever play. Of course having fun along the way is part of the game because this puts you in a state of mind and health to play the game better. 

You must learn to play this game by acquiring knowledge, learning from other people's experience or passing through an experience yourself. Learning you must! And refusal to learn means you stay trapped in one part of the game. And if you never learn the lesson, you spend the rest of your life on a single level. 

This game must be played by all winners and knowledge acquisition and subsequent application is the quickest way to learn to play this game of Life. 

In this game of Life, you don't necessarily need some things to be said to you before you understand what they really mean. You must be able to piece information from what you observe in your environment and what you perceive in your gut instinct to learn something and make a move.

You need people's help and support, but some levels of this game require that you play it ultimately led by your own decisions. When you're in such a situation, all of the knowledge, words of advice from all of the people who may not even be alive anymore will guide you to making the best moves.

You must learn when to give out some kind of information and when to withhold some information. You must learn to be cautious in revealing certain things to people who do not reveal anything to you. And learn to be open to people who are open to you. 

You must understand what silence means and how to read body language and unconscious body movements in others. The unsaid things usually determine what will happen. 

You must be able to tell when someone is just saying something and mean it or when they are saying it and mean something else. 

All of these things are important in playing the game. The game shows no mercy. It doesn't care whether you are rich or poor, young or old, happy or sad. The game only cares whether you know what you need to know and whether you make the moves you need to make at the right time. 

You can make mistakes, but you are not allowed to make the same mistake twice because that will mean that you are intentionally wasting your time. 

If you don't know how to play this game, pray to God to teach you how to play it (if you believe in a God), read a lot of books on different aspects of this game, reading blogs and articles on the internet are also great way to learn from other people's games, listen to words of advice from older people who have been here long enough to play this game.

And with everything you will learn, you will meet circumstances where you will apply them and you will find yourself winning. 

It's about winning.. winning with people, winning by giving value to others, winning in your spiritual, physical and mental life. Winning in your relationships and in your career.

The game is the game and the rule is that you must keep winning!

Keep learning what you can and keep applying your knowledge to keep winning this game. The game is the game, bold winners are not afraid to play and we will keep on winning it. 

Until next time,

Play this game like a winner. 



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