Learn to Face Your Problems

 Hello winners!

Good to be here again and writing. Today I was inspired to write about learning to face your problems and challenges without waiting for other people to do it for you.

There are a lot of people going through life expecting the world to pause and for other people to abandon their own pursuits to solve their problems for them. 

This is one of the worst mindsets to have. Expecting other people to tackle your problems for you. Do you know why it is the worst?

It is because it subconsciously gives you a sense of entitlement towards other people and makes you place ridiculous expectations on them. It also makes you a bitter and negative individual because chances are that most people don't care about the ridiculous expectations you place on them, and you will get frustrated when they act in their own interest as any rational human being would.

Expecting other people to solve your problems for you also makes you lazy. Because what exactly are you doing on Earth? We are all here to solve problems in a way or the other. What makes us individuals and contributes to our shared humanity is our sense of responsibility towards solving our problems. 

And solving problems that come our way in life is what really makes us happy and very courageous in the face of other challenges.

A life without challenges and without a zeal to tackle the problems that we face is not worth living. It is the challenges and problems you face and conquer that transform you into a better person capable of living fully.

Now this is not to say that other people cannot help us face those challenges. Collaboration and community is central to solving almost all the common problems we face.

However, my point in this post is that we have to seize the initiative and have the natural willingness to solve those problems. This part cannot be delegated to other humans, it is a part we must play. We must be responsible enough to want to face any problems that come our way. 

It is in that first step that we attract the right people, the right collaboration and the network that can help us solve those problems. But we must make that step first!

And the more willing you are to face your problems, the better off your life is.

Waiting for other people who have other personal life issues to handle, to solve your problems for you, is a waste of your precious time. 

Other people have a lot to think about and have their own problems too. So it leaves your with the main role in solving your problems by seizing the initiative. You can then lobby others to help you and forget their own problems for a short while on helping you.

But it is unreasonable to expect people to be bothered about you and spend their lives solving all your problems for you. 

Why would they do that? Lol.

Learn to face your problems and keep winning!



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