Importance of Effective Communication


Happy new month winners. I am still excited about keeping to 31/31 days of wrtiting in January and it would have been a pity if I did not write on the first day of February. I was having a chat with my neighbor today who told me about the importance of being able to communicate our feelings and thoughts in clear terms to other people.

My neighbor also made the point that a lot of times many people assume what other people may be thinking and take decisions based on it. Some perceive other people to be very selfish, but that perception is only formed because the people who perceive this do not get the full picture of the other person.

With effective communication, we will be able to share our deep feelings and experiences with other people which will then help us understand them and their actions better. 

It is better to ask questions when in doubt and to ask people why they are behaving in a certain way, rather than trust in our assumptions of the motive behnd what other people do. 

Communication will strenghten bonds and help people understand and make good excuses for one another. This will mean that people become more empathetic as they understand other people's predicaments better and therefore will seek for ways to benefit each other rather than to blame themselves.

I agree with this. Oftentimes, we shy away from opening up and communicating because of bad experiences we have had or because we feel no one cares or would want to hear us out. However, we find that each time we make the conscious effort to step out these thought patterns and actually express ourselves in communication, a lot of things begin to change.

We feel better, allow others a chance into our world and we get to be in gtheir worlds as we listen to them as well. It's a win - win for everyone. As we step into the new month, let us keep effective communication in mind. It will greatly help us understand other people and our own selves better.

My wish for you all this month is love, laughter, joy and peace all month round.

Stay Sharp and Keep Winning!



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