Always Find A Way to Be of Service

This article was inspired by a chapter 73 of an interesting book which I have been reading slowly. The name of book is "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff.." and it was written by Richard Carlson. I highly recommend this book for anyone wondering what book to read which can help them take great care of their mental space. 

The chapter 73 that inspired today's article is titled "Make Service an Integral Part of Your Life". I particularly loved this because it reinforced the concept that I learnt from the speaker which I wrote about in "Lessons from Last Weekend".

Peter had mentioned that the motive of what we do has to come from a place of "giving out". An in reading this chapter, it was clear that living a life of service comes from this motive to give out something. It really does not matter how you give something out in service of others, but it is important that there is something you are doing in service of other people, no matter what it is.

The chapter highlighted some interesting points which I have summarized as follows:

1. There is really nothing specific that you have to do or prescription you have to follow to live a life of service. There are a million ways you can serve people in your daily life. What is important is to train up a system of thinking that embeds service and giving to our thought process at all times.

2. We should regularly ask ourselves the question: "How can I be of service?" Asking ourselves this question, opens up our minds to the endless possibilities of how we can be of service. And once you form the habit of asking this question, you will always find answers.

3. Being of service can be as simple as offering up your seat to a more elderly person on a bus, listening to someone patiently, writing, teaching even taking out the trash. It does not have to be something too lofty. There are very little things happening around us which open up ways to be of service.

4. The best way to be of service is usually simple, we do not have to wait for big events or opportunities to serve others. Smiling at someone is being of service, offering to pay for someone's meal or drink without expectations is being of service and etcetera. 

5. The reward of living a life of service is its own reward. You feel a better sense of happiness and wellbeing knowing that in one little way, you are putting a smile on the face of someone else. You will experience more feeling of peace.

Think of how you can be of service to others. You do not necessarily have to be paid to be of service. Find ways you can serve others, no matter how little it appears. Do not compare yourself with those who may appear to be rendering service in "bigger" ways, rather be of service in your own little way and when the bigger opportunities to serve comes, you will find that you are most prepared to serve in that capacity.

Today is Ash Wednesday and this day reminds Catholics around the world that "We are dust and to dust we shall return!" Now, I do not really care about what you choose to believe as regards religion and I respect the religion or belief systems of others as long as they are not infringing on the peaceful coexistence of other humans. 

However, I would like to say that the maxim "We are dust and to dust we shall return" to me is also a call for service. Knowing that our existence on earth is temporal and chances are that our mortal bodies will not live forever, we must ensure that our existence adds value to the world through all of the ways we choose to be of service.. and it can start from something as small as taking out the trash.

Let us keep being of service and keep winning!



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