If there's one thing I've learnt with my recent demotivation to write this month, it's this: inconsistencies lead to more inconsistencies.

 Now the first break I had in my writing was due to my system failing me for about 3 days and that led to break in writing daily as I wanted to. However, I have repaired the system and have devised alternative ways to write daily if such an occurrence happens again.

But somehow, I am finding it difficult to write steadily despite having resolved that issue. Thinking about it deeply, I felt the break due to system malfunction kick started a new habit: not wanting to write. 

I had written consistently for 31 days in January, so I proved to myself that it's possible to stay consistent with something every single day, so I know I could have achieved it in February too.

But what has happened here is that the single 3 days delay from my PC malfunction started a new kind of habit in 3 days. 3 days inconsistency in writing. And that means I need to replace this bad growing habit with that consistent habit once again.

So the lesson is: the more you fail to do something, the more unlikely you are to do it. And the reverse is true, the more you do something the more likely you are to do it.

And in order to correct that, when you find yourself failing and having the urge to keep failing at something or fall back to being lazy, you have to make twice the effort to restore back your original consistency.

Breaks in commitments are bound to happen due to unforeseen circumstances, but you do not have to allow those breaks make you demotivated or reluctant to restore the order of consistency.

So on this note, on this day 17th Feb, I am renewing the commitment to write something on this blog everyday. And I will continue it till end of the month. 

By the way, the number of daily readers on this blog is growing rapidly and the report by the end of this month on changes will be interesting. Stay tuned.

Stay consistent and keep winning!


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