Consistency is the Hallmark of Winners


A lot has been said about consistency and it is for very good reason. Consistency is tough. It takes a person with a laser focused will and determination to achieve their objectives against all odds through the art of consistency. Because of how difficult it is, it is what separates winners from the losers.

I believe we all have what it takes to win and we can actually learn to be consistent. Due to bad habits, we have let ourselves become undisciplined. We fail to make conscious and consistent decisions at all times because we sometimes think that we need to cut ourselves some slack. Now, rest is important, but rest is rest. Resting or chilling, does not stop your consistency.

Resting or chilling is for a short time for you to recharge your energies and continue to stay consistent. Think about the big multi million dollar industries, they don't really have long breaks. They have structured their systems and processes to ensure that consistency in quality delivery becomes second nature to them. For example in aviation. If you are scheduled to fly from China to America, your flight will be mostly be ready at the time you have been given and it will be ready for the millions of other people who have their flight schedules.

The big players are consistent. The world leaders have to make it to their meetings, their negotiations, their political rallies. They cannot affort to miss being at where they are supposed to be because they are consistent. As long as they are fit, they cannot decide to do nothing for one week and just sleep around or watch Netflix. They have a clear cut plan on what they need to do each week or month and where they need to be at any point in time. This is what puts them ahead of the rest because they are consistent in planning and activity.

The military is the best place to see consistency in action. They wake up at consistent times, go for their drills consistently, eat their meals at consistent times and they plan for their different jobs at their various units at consistent times. Consistency is what keeps these military forces running. If everyone in the army was allowed to do what they wanted to do at their own time, I don't think we will have military men who are disciplined, focused and determined.

So consistency is a good thing to have. Stop letting the weak side of you make you start becoming lazy and undisciplined. You need to decide that you want to be consistent and then make plans on how you want to start being consistent. You can start with something small like deciding to wake up at a particular time each day. Or even decide that you will use your phone for a fixed number of hours each day. 

Then you can make the effort each day to remind yourself this commitment each morning and just before bed. The periods between when you go to bed and your waking minutes are critical to your subconscious impressions. So if you remind yourself just before bed that you want to be consistent in XYZ by doing ABC, and you also remind yourself this on waking up. It will be etched in your mind to remember these commitments each day. 

Something sparked this thought to write about consistency and it was a post by Samuel Lasisi. He wrote: ".. The key to success is putting value out there. When we offer something of worth, people will naturally come to us... if you have tried to get into a circle or a position in the past and you have been denied, it's because your value has not been felt yet. They will come to you when they see the value you have to give. People only associate with value."

He continued, "So if you've been struggling to get your foot in the door, or find a job, or even just make connections, the answer is simple: Consistently give value. Share your unique skills and talents with the world, Put out that content, present your ‘wacky’ work, start that YouTube channel, launch that business idea, people will start responding sooner or later and eventually, the right people will notice. You don’t really have to struggle to get anything, a job or belong to a group, recruiters will reach out as long as you consistently show how much value you can offer."

And I completely agree with him on those words of his which inspired today's post. You have to keep being consistent in creating and sharing value. People may not notice right now, but if you stay consistent at it, people will definitely notice what you are doing. They will not be able to resist it if you are consistent long enough. It is just how it is.

So make a commitment today to be consistent in your daily life and in the value you give. What you dream about may just be around the corner if you keep at it.

Stay consistent and keep winning!



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