Lookback: Living In The Present Moment


Looking back on this article on living in the present moment written in July, 2016. The article focuses on the importance of living in the present moment rather than let ourselves be trapped in a future that does not exist yet or in a past that has long passed away. I hope you enjoy it:

Many of the problems we face in our lives today can be  traced to not living in the present. Why? Because most people would rather live in the past or in the future.

The only time that always exists presently is "NOW". It's not yesterday and it's not even tomorrow. You're always existing in the present. You can't bypass it and actually live inside the past or future. This is important to understand.

Living outside of the present (NOW) has proven to always be counterproductive. Have you noticed that you always lose accuracy while doing anything once your mind suddenly wanders away?

Can you still maintain focus whenever you suddenly forget about what you're presently doing and start thinking of something else? The answer is No! 

Why? Because you're missing the present which is the most important time we have.

Whenever you are really enjoying yourself, for example talking with your friends, you'd notice that you're fully present listening to them, being aware of their expressions etc. 

That's what makes you happy. You're not thinking of the past or future at that moment.

Dwelling in the past has not helped anybody. People who complain too much dwell in the past a lot and that's why most of them remain in the same situation. Rather than focusing on the present and doing what they have to do, they're wasting that "Now" on talking and brooding over the past!

Now get this straight: The past is past! Get over it! Our only business with the past is to learn from our mistakes and apply the lessons in the PRESENT! We're not to keep crying and grumbling over it. That's bull shit! The past is damn past!  Let it Go! Your business is to do the right thing Now! That's what it's all about.

There are some who live in the future, they keep dreaming and visualising, yet do Nothing Now. Those who procrastinate also fall into this category. "I will do it tomorrow" "I will SOON do it" and days and months pass without them utilising the present.

To the daydreamers, I'd love to tell you that it's good to dream visualize and be positive, but of you don't use your present time wisely, you may keep dreaming till the world.

You may tell yourself "I will achieve it" "I CAN do it" "I will be this and that" a hundred times, but if you've not started doing anything about your dreams, my dear your positive thinking will lead you to nowhere.

This is the plain truth: You can change the entire course of your life by what you choose to do right now. I mean right this second. You only have to make a strong decision, make plans and start working in the present.

To those who worry too much.. I've always told people who worry that they're wasting their time. Worrying about the past or the future doesn't achieve anything for you. Guess what? It wastes your time!

Worry makes you waste the time you could've used to take action and change your whole life. Worry steals the "present" for you. And you suffer, because you always miss the vast opportunities for happiness and success offered by the present!

Ask yourself the question: Am I actually living in the now? Or am I just floating and hoping for a magic to transform my life? Am I doing what I have to do now or am I wasting time living in the past? 

What is that thing you've been putting off which you've always wanted to try?

Go and start that business!

Go and sing that song!

Go and build that system!

Travel to that place!

Make that phone call!

Study that book!

Ask  that person out on a date!

Do that thing which would add value to your life right Now! Because, right here and right now is all you got.

Till next time.

Keep Winning! Cheers! Go and start now!!



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