First Break: Prepare For the Unexpected

 Well, pretty sad writing this but grateful still that I am typing this. My PC got faulty 3 days ago and that affected my commitment to write daily on this blog.

Of course I could easily push the blame to the PC, but I accept the blame. I should have been able to plan for what to do and how to get my blog post out on days when the PC may be faulty. But I never thought that day would come because my PC was very reliable up until this happened.

This taught me a valuable lesson: we need to be constantly prepared for when things go wrong. Motivation to do things is okay, but you need to think about the possibilities of how you can keep up with that motivation in a scenario when something unexpected happened.

I did not factor the possibility of my PC deciding not to work, so I have to suffer this now and learn from it. 

As backup I may need another PC or tablet device that can enable me still write blog posts when my main pc fails, but I did not have this, and this has cut me off for 3 days. 

So that why today I caption this article "Prepare for the unexpected." And sharing my experience failing on my commitment because I did not prepare for my PC failing me.

When you don't prepare, you suffer if unexpected results appear. 

On the flip side, I had an interesting weekend. I got the opportunity to mentor students from around the world in a large capacity for the first time in my life and I felt really great. Mentoring and working with people feels much better than competing with them.

And  I will write much more about my experience in a subsequent article once my PC is fully set up.

For now, think of the possibilities of unexpected outcomes which you probably have never thought of and try to make a plan of action to prepare for them . This will keep you focused on your goals and set to win regardless of whichever direction things go or how much they fail. 

Have a wonderfully week ahead and keep winning!


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