Some People May Never Be Trusting of Other People Again and That's Okay!

Hello winners! I was inspired to write this article after watching a scene from the cartoon Rick and Morty where Rick and his family escaped from an attempt to kill them and get Rick arrested. 

What struck me in particular was when Rick's son in law asked him a question in season 2 Episode 10: He said "How could you be so dishonest with this family?" after getting to realize some truths about Rick at the wedding they had escaped from. (Rick's best friend Birdman was shot at the wedding by the woman he was about to wed.)

And Rick responded, "Oh, should I have been more open, trusting and loving, like I don't know my now dead best friend?"

That response hit really different. It made me think about the real world scenarios of how people change because of their experiences. Some people may never be as open, trusting and loving as we want them to be and we do not have to hate them for that.

What we can do for such persons is to show them unconditional love and not making them feel like something is wrong with them. In life we all have our different experiences and sometimes it is impossible to imagine or feel how an experience may have made another person feel.

Moreover, we react differently to similar experiences..while an experience might make someone just sad for a short while because of their understanding of life. The same experience to someone else might be like the end of the world for them and make them change for life. 

We must keep this at the back of our minds when relating with anyone. People have different experiences and upbringing. And people have different ways of responding to the same thing based on temperament or belief systems.

Some people have life experiences or come from backgrounds where they can easily trust other people and openly share deep things with family and friends. 

Other may not be as fortunate. Some people have background experience of serious betrayal from family, close friends and even their partners. They grow with a deep sense of suspicion and guardedness when it comes to other people. 

People from either of these two categories are able to progress through life successfully and make impactful change. And no category is really better than the other. Some people may fluctuate through the two categories based on further experiences. 

Less trusting people learn to be more trusting when they experience genuine love and affection from trusting people.. on the contrary trusting people can become less trusting when they face some unexpected life events.

So in truth, every human can belong to either category at different points in life. Therefore it is futile to judge people because we think they are not trusting or they appear suspicious of everything. I think this category of people are more judged and misunderstood than the category of the more open trusting ones. 

Rather than judge people we perceive as being guarded or closed, we should try to understand them and why they have chosen to be that way.

And we must understand that it is okay to be that way sometimes too. Being more trusting or open does not make us better than the more suspicious or closed group. It's a matter of different experiences and perspectives.

Some people may never be able to be more trusting, loving or open and that is perfectly okay. It's not a death sentence. Such persons can still go on to lead beautiful lives and raise wonderful families. 

Let us be less judgemental of such people. Rather support them with love, care and support. That is the only way to give them a chance of being more trusting.. if we wanted to encourage them.

However, it is also important to consider that being in the more trusting category might be the wrong place for such persons. It may be okay for them to be less trusting for a period of time. That may save them from potential disappointments, heartbreaks and pain in future. 

So if you ever feel a need to judge the less trusting or open people, try show them love and affection. If they want to maintain their category, allow them and still care for them. If they decide to change, fair play to you, it might be time for them to change.

Know this, judge less and keep winning!


d, Dad. You love t


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