Some People Will Not Like You No Matter What You Do and That's Okay!

I was inspired to write a short article today about people who openly may not like you for no good reason at all. This was after discussing with a friend who shared a personal experience with me. 

Some people may feel threatened by you even without your knowledge. They somehow tend to feel inferior around you and this is not really a fault of yours.

No matter what you do, regardless of how carefully you behave or how humble you want to be when relating to such persons, they just won't like you.

Most well meaning people who face this kind of hate or baseless dislike tend to feel sad about it and often waste time wondering why some people don't just like them regardless of what they are doing.

My opinion is that feeling sad or worrying about why some people may not like you even though you have done nothing wrong to them is a waste of valuable time!

The earlier you get used to the fact that some people will feel threatened by your mere existence, the better and more confident you will become.

When you come to accept that there must be something special and unique about you that makes some people feel uncomfortable and uneasy whenever they see what you do, then you will become very driven. 

You will become more motivated than ever to keep doing your best. And you will care less how inferior anyone wants to feel as a result of your progress.

This is where all winners mindset should be in alignment. Winners don't worry about why some people don't like them or why people are envious of them. Winners just win!

And the reason winners win is that instead of worrying and asking why, they focus on continuing to shine, excel and give their best effort in whatever they do!

So if you think some people don't like you, that's okay. Not everyone will like you because you don't like everyone too. You won't die because someone doesn't like you. You can live with that.

So waste no thought force on such nonsense and stay focused on winning.

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