Victory: 31 blog posts in 31 days!


I am very very very excited to be writing the 31st blog post of this year on the 31st of January 2023. I want to commend myself on the commitment to do this even coupled with pressure from work and engagements with people in my network. I was still able to manage to get in 31/31 in all days of January.

I must say it feels great. Consistency daily is really difficult. Some days, to be honest, I did not feel like writing anything, so what I did was throwback to old posts and add comments above them. 16 posts were throwback posts and looking back, while 14 were new articles. 

I realized it is not about whether the article is a throwback article or a fresh one, but what mattered was sticking to putting something out there on this blog every day. And I am proud I pushed myself to do it. There is a joy in deciding to do something difficult and being able to use your will effectively in eventually doing it. I feel that joy as I write this.

If I can achieve this against all odds, then I can try to sustain this longer and it would mean that this year I am set to write the highest number of new articles on this blog. How about that?

Asides from a personal sense of achievement on keeping to this commitment, the statistics on the blog have also improved. Compared to last month, we have about 1500 new views to this blog. I think people love to come back to read when you always have something to share.

Search Console already sent me this good news today:

So, it means more people are finding the blog directly from Google search. Could it mean that writing new stuff more consistently on the blog means it would rank better in search engines? Well, I can only guess if that is true at the moment. 

This month, the following articles came out on top and will add the article links here in case you need to see why they have ranked top:

And for this month, the following countries were the top readers:

You know, I am delighted the people from the United States really find this blog interesting, I mean over 2000 views from the States is something. Second on that list is Russia. Considering what is going on now in the world right now, I will leave no comment. :) Then there's people from Canada, followed closely by Ireland and then the Indians, the Germany and we get to the only African Country on the top 10 list, Nigeria of course (the giant of Africa :) Cheers to all you Nigerians managing to read what I share here. And then United Kingdom, greetings to Rishi Sunak and then the Netherlands.

I am hoping to see some changes on this list by end of the coming month. But I feel good about the diversity of countries reading this blog. I feel like achieving this goal of writing something every day on this blog, no matter how little has given me more motivation to continue writing. And my writing has become better too. My reports now at work are clearer and more concise and I find myself becoming much better at expressing myself in clear writing.

Asides from this blog, I also made a commitment to write about my day in my personal diary. I started doing this since 14th December last year though, I encourage you to try it as it helps you remember everything more clearly and to make better plans towards your goals or visions.

You know it’s surprising that something that seems as trivial as being able to write 31/31 days in January can make me excited like this. It takes very little to be excited I guess, and I guess achieving things, pushing through and getting done what you have decided to do makes you happy. Challenges therefore are good as progressing through them makes us happy.

So my dear champion and beloved reader of my boring blog .. lol, I may not know you personally or the country you come from, but I encourage you in whatever you may be facing at the moment to keep pushing and keep striving at it. Set challenges for yourself and surmount them. Do things that challenge you. All of these keeps us happy and functioning as humans. Challenges are there to make you happy. It may not appear so sometimes, but once you face them and commit your will of steel to keep doing what you can, no matter how little each day, then you will derive full joy as you overcome all that comes your way.

Keep winning fellas. And if this blog is helpful to you, please take out time to share with other people, reading an article here could also be of benefit to them. Everyone is going through something, but the right words can spark a change in the heart of anyone.

Let me know your thoughts, I will strive to keep writing. I wish you all the best in February tomorrow. All the best!


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