What to Do When You Struggle with Keeping to A Commitment


what to doo when you struggle with keeping to a commitment

One of the commitments I hope to keep is to write everyday on this blog. Today is the sixth day and so far so good, I have been making progress. Today in particular, I was not really motivated to write anything here. 

A couple of excuses came to my mind ranging from all the stuff I did earlier during the day, the fact that I needed to rest and also that missing a day would not hurt so much afterall I have been able to write something here for 5 days consistently.

I could have given in to any of these excuses which my mind was trying to furnish me, so that I will relapse on this commitment, but guess what? Here I am writing this for day 6. I had to remind myself of the reason why I made this commitment in the first place. I wanted to get back my zeal for writing and also to build my consistency at something different each day.

Reminding myself of these reasons gave me motivation to pick up my PC and start typing these words straight away. Guess what? I did not even have a topic to write in my mind, but I just decided to write about the initial resistance I had in my mind to write this today and the words are just flowing out.

You see something about excuses? Your mind is exceptionally good at giving you one. Like we can fabricate excuses out of thin air. Excuses that make logical sense to us and motivates us in the negative direction of being lazy and not doing the things we have decided to do.

However, if you play your cards right, the same mind that can come up with any excuse to be lazy can also come up with strong reasons for you to keep at what you have planned to do.

And this is where your will power comes in. Your will power will determine which direction your mind goes in giving you reasons. You must will it in the positive the direction. And the positive direction is in the direction of what you had initially intended to do.

You cannot allow your mind go in the reverse direction because it is just as powerful as when it is going in the positive direction! So if you are struggling with keeping to any commitments just like I struggled to decide if writing today was worth it or not, then first know that this is your mind moving in reverse and take back control by reminding yourself why you made such commitments and redirect your mind to the positive.

You always have the energy and the potential to achieve whatever you have decided to achieve at any point in time. It is the direction of your mind that determines if you eventually achieve it or not. I was feeling tired before I started typing these words, but when I began typing, I found new energy from nowhere and with this energy I have typed these words.

So you are never tired, it's usually your mind playing tricks on you. Take back control and keep winning!

Your man,



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