Develop New Skillsets


Woke up to the news today that the company Amazon plans to axe 18,000 jobs as a measure of cutting down costs. This news made me think about how best one can position himself/herself to survive in the current work force.

Two things come to mind:

1. Having your own business: As the boss of your own startup, you cannot be fired by anyone else and you run your company the way you want while making the key decisions as to what you want to do with your earnings. The truth aboiut this option is that not everyone has the patience and determination needed to run and maintain a successful business.

2. Having multiple Skillsets: This gives great improtance to developing other skillsets and aptitude beyond what you are used to or what you think is your career path. Being good at something or paying particular attention to a field of studey does not mean that should be everything you are about. It is important to learn new skills and build your expertise in something else outside of your main line of work. This helps you to keep earning even if for some reason you are unable to do work that is in your main line of work anymore.

Developing a new skillset is very important in today's rapidly changing world and guess what, it does not have to be as strenous or stressing as starting a business, it is something you can devleop within weeks or even months. 

There are many resources you can leverage on to build these skills which are free of charge.Some of them you may have to pay some money to learn the skills, but most of these are actually free to learn and all needed is mostly internet access.

So if you have been focused on just one career path or you believe it is time to build a new skills in 2023, start now, make a list of the kind of additional skills you need to have and commit to finding resources where you can learn from.

Within a short while, you will find yourself becoming a pro at something else!

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