Look back: 10 Sure Ways to Always Be Happy


Looking back to this post written July of 2016 on surefire ways of staying happy. I hope you enjoy reading it as I enjoyed writing it.

#1 Do not care too much about what people  would say or think

Many unhappy people are usually worried about what people are thinking or saying about them. This makes them feel timid and reluctant to try out some things which could transform their lives.

Worrying about the opinions of other people won't change anything. You can never be sure

of what anybody is thinking or saying behind your back, so why bother?

#2 Love Yourself the way you are

It is very important that you love yourself. Even the Holy Book said we should love our neighbors just as WE love ourselves. This means that it is imperative to love yourself FIRST, because this is how you'll be loving others.

Unhappiness stems from making the huge mistake of loving other people first without genuine love for ourselves. We must start by loving ourselves the way we are which includes our physical looks, our sincere efforts to learn and our mannerisms.

#3 Always build or create value

An idle man they say is the devil's workshop. Idleness leads to unhappiness. You cannot be idle and be happy. Happiness comes from that joy knowing that you are actively contributing your efforts in creating a value and solving problems.

Look around you, The happy people are those who are busy engaging with the world. The unhappy ones are lazy snubs who don't want to offer value to the world.

#4 Occasionally do things for others

Look my friend, the world only cares about what you can offer. The happy man is the one who provides and who creates what people need. When you do things for other people, they will always have the urge to reciprocate and help you in your time of need.

The world is not all about yourself alone. We need each other. There are times you will need help and your true happiness in those trying periods comes from knowing that you have people who can also help you.

#5 Strong faith in God

I know some of you might contend with this, but belief in that higher power which controls all things is a key to happiness. Life has a mysterious purpose which we may never know for sure.

Belief in God strengthens you in times of trouble and let's you know that everything is under perfect control as long as you play your part. Knowing that everything is guided by law would keep you positive and focused on taking actions knowing that the rewards are sure to come.

#6 Pay attention to little things

Little things matter a lot. That "Thank You" you say when you're done a favor, the little text message you send to a friend, relative or guardian, how you carefully prepare your food, the way you say "I love you" etc

All these little things matter. Negligence of little things matter in our lives and play a role in our happiness. Not doing a simple thing could lead to a catastrophic outcome capable of making us depressed, sad and full of regret.

#7 Do what you really love

Most people are unhappy because they're doing what they don't love to do. When you're doing what you don't love to do, you stress yourself easily and exert your energy unnecessarily. You find yourself constantly looking forward to when that activity will end.

The solution? Simply, do what you really want to do. It might be hard at first, but quit whatever you really hate and embrace the inner yearning of your soul. Embrace your passion and stop caging it.

#8 Make some money

Yeah, that sounds funny, but I tell you what; there's nothing more joyful than counting a couple of bucks from your hard earned cash. When you're pocket is full, you're automatically happy because you can afford anything.

Get to work and make some good money because money comes with a happiness of its own. Some say "Money is the root of all evil!" I say "The lack of money is the root of all evil. " Evil ranges from unhappiness, depression, jealousy, suicidal tendencies... You know the rest. Lol.

#9 Learn to say No without feeling guilty

This is very important for most of us. We find it hard to say No to the things that we don't want to do. Either we're trying to please somebody or we're trying to look like good people to everyone. Guess what? No one cares about those imaginary qualities.

When you can't say No to people, you will be unhappy because you're doing things you do not really want to do for them. People only care about what they can get from you whether it makes you happy or not. So, for the sake of your happiness, say "No" when you have to say it and don't make any explanation.

#10 Be yourself and never give up!

Last but not the least is to always be yourself. Don't be afraid to be who you truly are. The best person you can be in this world is yourself. Stop trying to be somebody else. You are enough and you are complete the way you are. Just try to discover what you have been endowed with and make this world better with it.

Also, never ever give up on your dreams and visions. Never ever stop believing and never stop trying. Keep pushing and keep moving forward. No matter how many times you fall, get up, dust your butt with pride and keep moving. You will surely get there. Trust me. Consistency is all it takes.

Hope this helps someone..

Till next time,



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