Throwback article: You Always Have a Choice


This is a throwback article on the power of choice. Something everyone of us has but most of us do not exercise it as often as we should. We all have a choice at every point in time and should not allow ourselves believe that we have no option or that we are at the mercy of stuff.

Here is the article:

Many people believe that they don't have control over how their life turns out. Some others think that what will be will be, so why bother to take any action? Others believe that they are destined to live a particular kind of

life and no matter what they do, they are fated for a particular thing.

Well, there are also those who believe that they can change the course of their lives by the step by step actions they choose to take and I belong to this school of thought.

Let me ask you a question: If you want to drink water, do you hope that somehow by destiny and chance, the water would come to you? If you're hungry, do you believe that 'what will be will be' and stay hungry or do you do something to get food ready?

Our lives are a function of activity. For you to live comfortably and obtain anything , you must take action to get it. You must work for it and show that you deserve it. That's when it comes to you.

Those who believe in fate, destiny, chance and 'what will be will be' are actually losers who don't want to take any action or responsibility over their lives. They use these things to give themselves excuses as regards why they fail. They've got to understand that the reason why they fail is that they are not determined enough to put in required action to get what they want.

Winners don't believe in destiny or chance, winners are committed to do the single thing they need to do in order to attain success and that is to "consistently do the required work. "

But some will ask, "we've been doing the work, why are we not getting results?" If you're not getting results, you're either not passionate about what you do, impatient or you've not put in enough work required to excel.

You have a choice to live the life you want or to join the mediocre ones who always cry about their environment or the government. 

The problem is not your dad, mom, school, government, girlfriend, boyfriend, brother, sister, country bla bla... The problem is YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU!

It's you and only you. You've got to accept that if you want to be free. You have the right to make a choice to live your life to the fullest. Do you hate what you're currently doing? Then quit! It's simple "quit" and do what you love.  If you'll say "but if I quit I will not save enough money for bla bla..." Then you're just not ready. If you want freedom, you must cut out all the nonsense you don't need.

Don't allow anything tie you down. If you don't like to do anything, then don't do it! Stop giving yourself reasons why you should do what you clearly know deep down that you don't want to do.

People are complaining and crying everywhere that they don't like what they do, but they still go ahead to do it. It's their choice and they have to take whatever comes with it.

Always be conscious of the fact that you have a choice always. The only reason for whatever is going on in your life that you like or don't like has been you! Tell yourself the truth about what you really want out of life and stop wasting time doing stuff you don't like.

The Choice has always been yours.

Don't lose it!

Hope you enjoyed it. 



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