Stop Wasting Your Thoughts on Unnecessary Stuff


There are a lot of people who waste a lot of time in today's world worrying about things that they cannot change and things that are very inconsequential to their existence. I have been among these category of people at various points of my life until I got to learn better. And for any of you reading this article who might still be in that place(category), I'll get you there.. (In Eminem's voice).

A lot of people who are facing tough times in different areas of their lives keep asking themselves why. They ask questions like: why do I have to lose this person? Why do I have to go through this challenge? Why are they saying these things about me? what did I do to deserve this? Will I ever find love? Will I ever find true happiness? Why do I experience these tough times?

And I could go on and on, but the truth is that many of us ask ourselves these questions. But in truth, we should not be asking ourselves those questions because they lead us into deeper sadness making us feel more miserable in what we are facing. You sometimes do not need to know why some people choose to be bad or why you had to experience a tough event or circumstance in your life.

It is usually unnecessary. However, most people spend hours and hours of useful time worrying about figuring out the coincise answer to such questions.

I am of the opinion that rather than stress ourselves and worry about figuring out the exact answers to questions like that, we should rather be thinking and worrying about how we can become better individuals and improve our situations because this will put us in better position to impact the lives of other people. This is what is important in our existence.. making a meanignful contribution to our society, our families and our communities. This is what makes us really happy.

I have never read it anywhere that worrying about the answer to a question like "Why did this happen to me?" has helped another person become better. Worrying about some questions is not your business. Some businesses are God's business. God knows all things, we humans do not know and we do not need to know all things. 

We only need to know and focus on the things that can help us grow and develop ourselves in our best capacities to make meaningful contribution and function well as individuals who are part of the societies we find ourselves. Your worrying to know the answer to an inconsequential question does not help anybody. It wastes your time and the time of other people you could have influenced if you had put the time to better use. 

So this is my call to you my reader, if you are one of those that keeps asking the sort of questions relating to why some people choose to do bad things or why the world is the way it is with all its problems, I urge you to snap out such wasteful thoughts.

Channel your mind and thoughts to questions that have useful answers which can lead to your growth. Stop wasting your energy because thought is a form of energy. And the reason why some people find themselve trapped in the rut of depression and sadness is because they are using their energy in the negative way, wasting it on inconsequential thoughts.

The way you feel at any given point in time is usually determined by the nature of the stream of thoughts you have allowed yourself entertain for long periods of time and therefore feeling down means you have entertained inconsequential questions or thoughts for too long. your mood is just a result or a signal that your thoughts are not flowing in the right direction.

I know its difficult to snap out of such questions and thoughts, but it begins with an awareness of what is causing you think such thoughts and knowing that such thoughts lead to worse feelings. If you recognize this, you will make a conscious effort to stop your mind from entertaining such thoughts and questions whenever you observe them entering your mind.

With practice, you will waste lesser and lesser time thinking inconsequential thoughts or wasting thought entertaining these or similar inconsequential questions.

Stop wasting your thoughts and keep winning!

Your man,



  1. This was for me, thank you. Going to make conscious effort not to waste all that energy worrying, I'll do the opposite, baby steps.


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